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Uzbekistan Introduces New 200,000 Soum Banknotes

Uzbekistan Introduces New 200,000 Soum Banknotes

The Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan announces the issuing of new banknotes with a face value of 200,000 soums from July 15, 2022. The theme of the banknotes is dedicated to the “Great Silk Road” and the ancient history of the Ferghana Valley, which is located within the territory of our state.

On the right side of the banknote is a watermark in the form of a camel – a symbol of the ancient “Great Silk Road” – and the denomination “200000”. Within the thickness of the paper and also on the right side of the banknote is a microscopic, 4 mm wide machine-readable blue security thread featuring the text “UZB”.

The predominant color of the front and back sides is turquoise in combination with other colors.

The banknotes are printed on security paper, with the front and back sides coated with a special varnish.

On the left side of the front of the banknote is the architectural monument “XUDOYORXON O’RDASI”, located in the city of Kokand, Fergana region.

In the upper left corner is the number “200000”; in the upper part is the text “O’ZBEKISTON RESPUBLIKASI MARKAZIY BANKI” printed in blue and green. Also in the upper right corner of the banknote, the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan is depicted in green.

A special green element, located on the right and left edges of the banknote, is designed for visually impaired people. Due to the relief of the image, it is possible to determine the denomination of the banknote.

In the lower part of the banknote, the ornamental background contains a “latent” (hidden) image in the form of the abbreviation “UZ”, visible at a certain angle of the banknote in relation to the light source.

At the bottom of the left side is the inscription “IKKI YUZ MING SO’M”, reflecting the denomination of the banknote, and the text “O’ZBEKISTON SO’MI RESPUBLIKA HUDUDIDA HAMMA TO’LOVLAR UCHUN O’Z QIYMATI BO’YICHA QABUL QILINISHI SHART”.

The above-described images are made using an intaglio printing method, giving a sense of raised ink to the touch.

On the right side of the banknote, on a light background, circles of different diameters are printed, which, when copied, distort the image.

Also, the word “UZB 200000 SO’M” is depicted in red on a green background in an ornamental pattern visible under ultraviolet rays.

In the upper part, in the outline of the map of Uzbekistan, light lines show the directions of the caravan routes of the “Great Silk Road”.

In the upper left part, there is an element of the ornamental pattern of the architectural monument “XUDOYORXON O’RDASI”, the image of which, performing the function of a register, serves to combine the “face” with the “turn”. When viewed against the light, the light part of the banknote is combined with the colored background of the reverse side, forming a full-fledged image.

The banknote number consists of a two-letter series of the Latin alphabet and a seven-digit number. On the right side, the number is printed horizontally; on the left side, it is printed vertically.

The back or reverse side of the banknote depicts the ancient archaeological monument “AXSIKENT ARXEOLOGIYA YODGORLIGI”, which, dating back to the third century BCE, was the capital of the ancient Fergana state.

In the center is the image of a “grenade”, as a symbol of the well-known Kuva pomegranate. It uses a modern special protective element “Spark live”, which at different angles creates the effect of movement and color change.

On the right side are ceramic dishes and an ancient talisman in the form of a two-headed snake, dating back to the second millennium BCE, which are archaeological finds in the Ferghana Valley.

In the upper part, on the left side, the text “O’ZBEKISTON RESPUBLIKASI MARKAZIY BANKI” and the year of issue of the banknote “2022” are printed.

In the lower part, in the right and left corners on the same line, the denomination “200000” is placed in white, and the inscription “IKKI YUZ MING SO’M” is also printed in the upper right corner.


The new banknotes in the denomination of 200,000 soums–along with the banknotes and coins already in circulation–are required to be accepted at face value in all types of payments, by all business entities and the general public, without any restrictions.

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