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Video: In the Trenches Fighting Counterfeits – with ACEF Director Beth Deisher


The United States is facing an unprecedented tsunami of counterfeits coming into the country, mostly from China.

From name-brand goods to everyday household items, these counterfeits diminish the value of authentic merchandise and put Americans at risk.

For coin collectors and gold and silver bullion investors, the threat of counterfeits can lead to a loss of trust and the loss of thousands of dollars per transaction. The scourge of nearly impossible-to-detect fakes has alarmed many within the industry and has led collectors, dealers, grading services, and coin-producing mints to deploy new countermeasures.

Until recently, and despite long-standing laws against counterfeiting, very little has been done to educate law enforcement about how to identify and put a stop to this illicit trade.

In this video, shot at the 2019 Early American Coppers (EAC) Convention in Dayton, Ohio, former Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation (ACEF) Director Beth Deisher explains the nature of the threat and the things that are being done to protect businesses and collectors in the coin and bullion markets.

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  1. Your doing very admirable work, I’ve been stuck a bunch of times with fakes.
    I learned quite a bit from your post.
    Is there one Sigma detector model you recommend over the others for someone who deals with a wide variety of material. Thank you , Clint V.


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