HomeWorld and Ancient Coins Heritage Signature Auction, Platinum Night Open for Bidding

World and Ancient Coins Heritage Signature Auction, Platinum Night Open for Bidding

World and Ancient Coins Heritage Signature Auction, Platinum Night Open for Bidding

Following our most successful ANA World’s Fair of Money auction–as well as an already record-breaking year–Heritage Auctions is proud to present our October 28-29 Platinum Night and Signature Auction of World and Ancient Coins. Filled with vintage and modern rarities from every corner of the globe, you’ll find an impressive variety and high-end quality offered within this catalog.

The numismatic pinnacle, not only of Greek art but of all ancient civilizations, is the Syracusan decadrachm. This magnificent silver masterpiece, struck from Fine dies in the style of Euainetos, is certified by NGC as About Uncirculated.

For those seeking gold, there is no shortage: from Ptolemaic octodrachms to Macedonian staters, Roman Republic and Imperial aurei to Byzantine solidi. Issues of Lysimachus have soared in popularity over the last year, and we are happy to present seven such examples from a wide range of mints. Finally, you’ll find more than 25 Athenian owl tetradrachms, which, despite being relatively plentiful, remain extremely strong in both price and desirability.

A particular strength of our Platinum Night session is the advanced selection of Proof and business strike British gold, which spans from the early hammered issues of Edward III through the modern Royal Mint products of the Great Engravers series. Historically, Heritage has offered some of the finest type examples extant, and we continue to do so here with the inclusion of an impressive Edward III Noble, certified an unfathomable MS66—an enviable grade for any coin from the past 650 years.

From the Commonwealth series is an important 1650 Unite that has been certified MS63 by PCGS — the finest for the date and second finest for the type.

Sure to be one of the highlights of the entire Signature Auction is the Victoria Proof Pattern Crown produced by Ludwig Lauer and J. Rochelle Thomas for Spink and Son. This is an immense rarity with only six struck and one of the most distinctive patterns of Victoria for its utilization of the three-quarters bust.

Hailing from other areas of the world is an impressive array of issues from Spain and Latin America that will excite even the most discerning collectors.

Foremost is the famed 1770 “Ceremonial” 8 Reales from Colombia, produced by the Nuevo Reino mint and one of only four dates struck there. This always-collectible issue is certified just shy of Gem Mint State, with only 12-14 pieces known.

Another exceptional rarity, in this instance from Brazil, is the 1731 “Italic Shield” Dobra of Rio, preserved on the cusp of Mint State and notable for its shield type.

Of the highest interest to collectors of the Costa Rican series is a 1970 11-piece uniface die trial set, which has not appeared at auction until now, with two others locked away in private institutions.

This auction is open for bidding at Coins.HA.com, with bidding continuing through the scheduled live sessions on October 28 and 29.

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