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World Paper Money – Elusive Qatar and Dubai Color Trial Specimens

Qatar and Dubai Trial Specimen Set of banknotes. Images courtesy Stack's Bowers

A highlight of the Stack’s Bowers August ANA World’s Fair of Money sale and a set that will certainly excite collectors is a Qatar and Dubai Color Trial Specimen grouping. These 1960s series notes from Qatar and Dubai are among the most sought after collectible banknotes as the circulation period was short and the issuance was limited. Only the One Riyal notes of the series are generally available in high grade, while all other denominations are scarce to rare when offered in pristine quality.

Specimen notes of any kind from this ornate series are also rare and this set is the first color trial group we have offered. With denominations greater than 10 all being nearly impossible to locate in Uncirculated condition, these high end Gem notes will thrill the lucky collector who is the successful bidder.

The One Riyal displays a stunning red color (as opposed to the issued green inks) and it grades PMG 66 EPQ.

The Five Riyal note is printed in dark brown color, not purple, and it grades PMG Superb Gem 67 EPQ.

The 10 Riyal note offers the purple ink that was reserved for the issued Five Riyal notes and grades a remarkable PMG Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ.

The highly important 25 Riyals is has deep green color as opposed to the blue hue found on issued notes. It grades PMG 66 EPQ.

The 50 Riyal note, another key piece to this set, is printed in a dark brown instead of the bright red ultimately selected for issuance and grades PMG 66 EPQ.

Finally, the 100 Riyal note displays purple ink instead of olive and grades PMG 66 EPQ as well.

This set is most certainly one of the finest groups of collectible banknotes we have offered and will be an instant “trophy” item in any collection. The PMG population report does not reflect the Color Trial Specimens for all denominations, but the specimen note totals for any note presented here show roughly one or two pieces with the current examples being among the finest they have graded. Many collectors will appreciate the rarity of this offering but just one will take this prize home after the hammer falls.

Our Official Auction of the ANA World’s Fair of Money will be held the first week of August in Denver, Colorado. If you have any questions please e-mail [email protected].

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