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200th Anniversary of the Carabinieri Celebrated with New 2 Euro Coin

The Italian Mint has announced the release of a 2 euro coin celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Carabinieri. The coin was revealed on April 15th during an official ceremony at the School of the Art of the Medal in Rome. In attendance was Mint Director Dr. Maurizio Prato, Chief of the Ministry of Economy and Finance; Roberto Garofoli, Commanding General of the Carabinieri; General Leonardo Gallitelli; and artist Luciana de Simoni, whose coin design is an adaptation of Antonio Berti’s 1973 sculpture, “Pattuglia di Carabinieri nella tormenta”.

ITALY2EUROThe Carabinieri is Italy’s national military police force. It was established on July 13, 1814 by King Victor Emmanuel I of Savoy. The original Carabinieri served as security personnel for the Kingdom of Sardinia. Over the subsequent two centuries, the organization has provided security for kings, served as a national police force, and even took part in the anti-Mussolini insurgency during World War II.

Today, the Carabinieri make up one of four branches of the Italian Military. Responsible for police and security operations, the Carabinieri have conducted a number of peacekeeping missions around the world. In 2004, they were tapped by the G8 to establish and develop standards and procedures for civilian police forces assigned to international peacekeeping missions.

Coin Specifications:

The 2 euro coin is the highest-value circulating denomination in the Eurozone.

Often used for national commemorations, it’s struck in 22 countries.

The coin weighs 8.4 grams, measures 25.75 millimeters in diameter, and has a finely milled and lettered rim that is 2.20 mm thick. The coin is comprised of two alloys, an inner-core made of nickel-brass and an outer ring of copper-nickel.

All 2 euro coins share a common reverse, which shows a slightly exaggerated view of the continent of Europe. The design is the work of Dutch artist Luc Luycx.

For this issue, De Simoni’s design features two 19th century Carabinieri in winter uniforms, along with the dual date 1814 and 2014. Above the date and to the right is the RI monogram of the Italian Republic. The Roman mintmark “R” sits at the 12 o’clock position over the heads of the two figures. De Simoni’s initials LDS are located to the left of the lead figure’s boot in the exergue.

The coin has a limited mintage of 20,000 pieces in collectors’ uncirculated and 5,000 proofs. Collectors’ circulation strikes are being offered at 12 euros; Proofs cost 20. In addition up to 6.5 million standard circulation strikes will be struck and released into circulation at face value.

Orders can be placed at www.ipzs.it or by contacting the Italian Mint at [email protected].

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  1. In addition to the collector examples discussed here there is also a circulating coin sold at face value at Italian banks. It has a much higher mintage but I am not sure what it is.

  2. The 20K version comes in a colorful and informative folder. I just bought one tonight from an Italian dealer who lives in the US and sells on e-Bay.


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