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Aaron Berk: Ancient Coin Podcast – Episode 25

In the 25th episode of the Aaron Berk Ancient Coin Podcast, expert Aaron Berk and fellow Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. numismatist Mike Nottelmann take a look at a handful of ancient coins recently up for auction. Among the highlights are a drachm from Naxos, a “badge of Phanes“, and a Roman silver sestertius.

With the Naxos drachm, we get some more Dionysus (because who can get enough Dionysus?), and with a stater from Thasos, we see how a particularly spicy coin here and there didn’t bother the Greeks. Nope, not one bit.

Along the way, Aaron and Mike discuss countermarks on ancient coins (an intriguing topic, full of implications); collecting ancient Olympic coins by date and games; ancient Greek and Roman denominations and their conversion values; and speculation about the tricks of the trade that ancient Greek engravers might’ve used to create detailed designs on coins like the tiny obol.

Toward the end of their chat, Aaron and Mike talk a little about what you as a customer should expect from a good and reputable dealer.

Listen to or watch Episode 25 of the podcast below:


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About Aaron Berk

After attending the University of Illinois, Aaron Berk joined HJB in 1992. In his over 30 years of work experience, Aaron has developed a world reputation as an honest, friendly, and informative numismatic and classical antiquity expert. Since joining the firm he has researched, written, and produced hundreds of catalogs on ancient coins and antiquities – as well as handling all graphic layouts of all catalogs for the firm. Berk is directly involved with all website production and major decisions for the firm. Aaron also handles all mass email layouts for the firm, as well as market strategies. When personally working with each client, his goals have always been to build his client’s collection as if it were his own.

Aaron also runs the Ancient Coin PodCast with Aaron Berk, which takes you on a journey through the fascinating field of ancient numismatics using educational segments as well as discussions of upcoming and recent ancient coin auctions, current values, and collecting advice.

Finally, Aaron represents clients in public auctions all over the world, keeping them safe from buying authentic coins at proper market values.


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