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The America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Program: An Introduction


By Ron DrzewuckiModern Coin Wholesale …..
The America the Beautiful Quarters program launched in 2010. It arrived on the heels of the most successful coin program in United States History: the 50 State Quarters Program. What made that program so popular was the idea that, with each release, Americans literally carried history in their pockets. In the first year of the program, dealers and collectors couldn’t buy rolls of the new quarters at face value for days or sometimes weeks after their release. By 2000, the price of 1999 Silver Mint Sets shot up well past issue price, and the rest is history.

One aspect of the America the Beautiful quarter program that’s unlike anything the U.S. Mint has ever done is its bullion component. The U.S. Mint’s American Silver Eagle has long been one of the most popular bullion programs in the world. If you can believe it, more silver eagles have been struck than Morgan dollars, making it the largest silver coin program in American history. To celebrate the artistry and technical achievement found in each America the Beautiful quarter, the Mint also strikes a five-ounce silver bullion version with a nearly identical design. At five ounces, these collector coins are the largest coins the U.S. Mint has ever struck. They are also the most beautiful.

ATB_5 oz_thumbAlmost Identical?

There are two kinds of America the Beautiful five-ounce coins: A collector version and an investor version. The differences between the product types are as follows:

The Investor’s version doesn’t carry a mint mark. It is struck with a Brilliant Finish. Occasionally, investor coins struck with fresh dies will exhibit magnificent deep mirrors. As is the case with the Morgan dollar series, these coins can earn the collector-coveted designation Deep Mirror Proof Like, or “DMPL”.

The Collector’s version carries the “P” mint mark. The coins are carefully struck for maximum detail. The coins are then specially-treated to give each piece a satiny appearance.

All versions carry the lettered-edge inscription .999 FINE SILVER 5.0 OUNCE. Standard quarters have reeded edges.

As with the quarter series, the silver bullion America the Beautiful program will continue through 2021 as each state’s chosen national park is portrayed–five at a time–in the order in which they were incorporated as federal sites.


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  1. Fact check: I believe there are only two versions of the coin. A 5 oz version with an S mint mark?! Better check on that.


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