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Ancient, World Coin Heritage Signature Auction Open for Bidding Soon

Ancient, World Coin Heritage Signature Auction Open for Bidding Soon

As we come to present our August 5-7 August Signature Auction of World and Ancient Coins, we cannot help but reflect on the changing circumstances in the world today.

Yet while we have certainly had to adapt in the ways that we work, live, and interact, Heritage is proud to be able to say that the auction market for rare coins has shown considerable resilience and growth in recent months–a strength that is certainly confirmed by the incredible selections highlighted below, for which we must extend our gratitude to both our consignors and bidders. Without their continued enthusiasm and passion for the hobby, we could not expect to continue to engage with our numismatic interests with such fervor as we had previously.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that this surge has allowed us not only to continue to present our clients with some of the best coins in the hobby but also to expand this auction to include an even wider offering of superb rarities.

Leading off the auction is a wonderful selection of ancients, with examples of some of the most popular types, including a Titus proto-contorniate Colosseum sestertius, a Syracusan decadrachm, and a Judean half-shekel. Although the star of the section for sheer value is an NGC-certified Choice Mint State Septimius Severus and Julia Domna aureus in Fine Style, there is an abundance of unlisted examples and plate coins throughout. Gold issues make a strong showing as always, from Croesus and Carthaginian staters to Julius Caesar and Commodus aurei, Constantine the Great and Justinian II solidi, and a remarkable Gallienus quinarius and Aurelian heavy aureus. One of the hottest areas in the ancients field right now is the Macedonian Kingdom, and we have a great selection of attractive and rare examples not to be missed.

Observers of our world coin auctions will be well-acquainted with two near-constant trends in the peak coins we have to offer: an extremely strong presence of British material, and gold.

While the issues of the British crown seen here are certainly spearheaded by a fantastic Choice Mint State 1729 ‘East India Company’ 5 Guineas (presently tied for the finest certified) and the joint-finest William & Mary 1692 5 Guineas, equally rare specimens stem from its colonies.

Of particular note are a simply awe-inspiring British India PR66 ‘star’ William IV Restrike 2 Mohurs of 1835 certified by NGC, bested by only one PR67 either there or at PCGS, one of three confirmed original strikes of the same denomination and date, and an intriguing countermarked 6 Pesos from the British Occupation of Curaçao. One of only two traced pieces, this ex. Clapp, Eliasberg, and Fonrobert example also serves as the plate piece in such key references as the Standard Catalog of World Coins, Friedberg, Pridmore, Scholten, and is cited directly by Gordon.

The glint of gold is not confined to those issues produced under British supervision, as we are also offering a captivating gold 8 Souverain d’Or from Flanders struck in 1694, a denomination so substantial that the type is alternatively referred to as a ‘Ducaton‘ of gold.

From South Africa, we find one of the key first-year rarities to the ZAR series, the Proof “Double Shaft” ½ Pond of 1892.

All that glitters isn’t gold, however, and this auction would feel incomplete without mention of the extraordinary silver rarities we have to present, many of which represent types we have never previously handled.

One of the offerings that stands out the most is the semi-legendary 1904 50 Centimos from Costa Rica, a recorded date that has nonetheless never appeared at auction until now.

On the opposite end of the globe, a piece of particular note is an absolutely massive 50 Reales or “Cinquentin” of Philip IV minted in 1636 in Segovia (then one of the most advanced mints in all of Europe).

Though the 60+ featured lots in the auction are simply too vast to cover in detail here, we encourage you to take the time to peruse the sale and avoid missing the opportunity to claim a piece for yourself. Bidding in this auction opens soon at coins.HA.com.

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