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Austria 30 Years of the European Union Flag 2 Euro Coin


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the European Union flag, the Austrian Mint will join the 19 member nations of the European Monetary Union and issue a special commemorative 2-euro coin. Every issuing country will feature the award-winning design of Georgios Stamatopoulos. Stamatopoulos’ design was selected by the citizens and residents of the Eurozone in an online vote, besting the four other finalists for the honor. Stamatopoulos’ design garnered 30% of the vote. A total of 62 entries were submitted from the European mints. Finalists were selected by a professional jury. This is the fourth 2-euro commemorative coin to be issued by the Eurozone to bear a common design.

Denoting the coin’s country of issue is the inscription REPUBLIC ÖSTEREICH.

The Austrian Mint will produce the 30 Years of the European Union Flag 2 Euro Coin in Proof, Special Uncirculated, and Uncirculated finishes. The Proof version has an issue price of €50. 2.5 million regular uncirculated pieces will be struck throughout the remainder of 2015.


Georgios Stamatopoulos’ design features 12 figures in a three-quarter circle, their arms outstretched, surrounding the flag of the European Union. The design represents the stars morphing into figures, symbolizing the birth of a new Europe. REPUBLIC ÖSTEREICH 1985-2015 wraps around the top of the coin’s inner core, canted slightly to the right. In the coin’s copper-nickel outer ring are the 12 stars of the European Union.


Type 1: To the right, Six horizontal line segments containing stars at each end. Individualized representations of the 12 original Eurozone states, centered and dividing the stripes. Large numeral “2”, centered on the left, to the right: the inscription EURO, all italicized. Underneath the EURO is a representation of the continent of Europe. The designer’s initials “LL” appear below the O on the outer nickel-brass outer ring. Design encircled by a raised rim. 

Designer(s): Georgios Stamatopoulos is a coin designer from the Bank of Greece, whose “matchstick man” design was featured on a Eurozone commemoration in 2009 (View Designer’s Profile). Luc Luycx is a computer engineer and medalist from Belgium (View Designer’s Profile).

Coin Specifications:

Country:  Austria
Year Of Issue:  2015
Denomination:  2 Euro
Mint Mark:
Mintage:  7,000
Alloy:  Copper-nickel, Nickel Brass, Nickel
Weight:  8.5 grams
Diameter:  25.75 mm
OBV Designer  Georgios Stamatopoulos
REV Designer  Luc Luycx
Quality:  Proof, Special Uncirculated, and Uncirculated

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