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Baseball Commemorative Coin: Concave Design Silver Dollar Reviewed by Charles Morgan. VIDEO: 1:10

Charles Morgan, Content Manager, CoinWeek.com……..

A completely novel concave coin has been created by the United States Mint for sale to collectors commemorating the sport of baseball.

CoinWeek’s Charles Morgan holds and examines this coin before it is released to the public and shares his reactions to this new collector item.

You can also read CoinWeek’s exclusive interview with coin designer Cassie McFarland.



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  1. Being the first person outside the mint to hold the Baseball Commemorative definitely give you bragging rights Charles. I can’t wait to add one to my coin collection.
    Do you know if the mint is going to limit the per-household sales to give more collectors the opportunity to own one. I think it’s a coin that could create new interest in the hobby. It is also a good opportunity for the mint to promote purchasing coins directly from the mint’s wed site. Looking forward to viewing more of your articles. Kind Regards, John

  2. Hi John,

    Your questions about limits per household is a great question for Louis Golino. I’m not sure that they’d want to limit orders considering how light demand has been for commemoratives in recent years. I think that it’s really up to the Baseball Hall of Fame and numismatic organizations to promote this novel new coin concept.

    Some people have criticized this program for reusing the same design across denominations, but having looked at each of the coins I can say that they all have unique qualities based on the characteristics of the metal and their finishes.

    It’s definitely a program where the coins are interesting across all product types and you can make a good case for buying the proof and uncirculated versions.

    Personally, I liked them all for different reasons.

  3. The Mint has not announced ordering limits yet and probably will not until the release date. Remember the max. authorized mintage should easily be enough to satisfy the expected high demand for these coins and like other commems, they should be available most of the year.

  4. John- The Mint has just posted preliminary product listing for the baseball coins and there will be no order/household limits on any of the coins. I think the gold coin could possibly sell out but not right away.

    There is a mistake on the silver dollar max mintage which should be 350K instead of 50k.

    I would suggest waiting a day or two after the release date when everyone will be jamming the web site up and then order what you want to take advantage of intro period pricing and before gold goes up more.


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