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Central States Convention Bans Liberty Dollars

So-called Liberty Dollars, the creation of Bernard Von NotHaus and the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code, more commonly known by the acronym NORFED, will not be part of the April 24-27, 2013 74th Anniversary Convention of the Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS) in Schaumburg, Illinois – according to a statement issued by the convention’s General Chairman Kevin Foley.

In making his announcement, Foley said, “Although this alternative monetary instrument has been available on coin convention bourse floors since its 1998 introduction, and has from time to time been the subject of educational exhibit area displays, the 2011 federal court conviction of Mr. von NotHaus in connection with his role as what one numismatic press outlet characterized as the “monetary architect” of the Liberty Dollar on the basis that the Liberty Dollar is counterfeit, has led us to adopt a policy to exclude such items from our bourse floor and educational exhibit area for our Schaumburg and future conventions.”

Foley added, “While we are aware that the underlying criminal conviction of Mr. Von NotHaus has been the subject of considerable controversy and criticism, the fact remains that the government agency charged with the enforcement of counterfeiting laws, the Secret Service, has issued a determination that the Liberty Dollars are, in fact, counterfeit. As a numismatic convention sponsor we have no basis to treat this product any differently than we would other monetary instruments so classified by the Secret Service. We also take note of the fact that eBay will no longer accept listings on its website for the Liberty Dollar and has recently initiated a process of canceling site listings that offer the Liberty Dollar. Until such time as the Secret Service adopts a position contrary to its current findings with respect to the Liberty Dollar, this is a product that will no longer be available in our convention bourse area, nor will educational displays including it be permitted.”

CSNS Secretary Jerry Lebo will serve as Bourse Chairman for the CSNS convention.


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