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Coin Board News Number 49 – For Collectors of Antique Coin Boards

Antique Coin Boards

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For Collectors of Antique Coin Boards

Number 49 — Winter 2019


Veteran readers of Coin Board News look forward to the Winter issue as the occasion for my annual updates of all of my books and a revised Value Guide for coin boards. Unfortunately, this year’s edition is an abortive one, as I’ve not been well enough to do the work that typically goes into it. In November I underwent two cancer surgeries, and those are being followed by chemo and radiation treatments. I hope to have all of the annual material in the Spring issue and put out a list of either boards or vintage folders.


There was a wide variety of boards for sale on eBay during recent months. Most were common varieties grading Fine or better, but we know from experience that such boards are a tough sell in grades lower than VF-NM. As this is written there are still many rollover lots that will have to be priced lower before they have a chance of selling. The one standout event was an offering of the two-board set for Liberty Seated Dimes that Whitman published in 1939 and printed only once. I’ve never seen these boards heavily worn or badly damaged, but it was still nice to find this pair grading VF or slightly better. The set included about three dozen dimes across a broad range of circulated grades and was priced at $850 USD or best offer. Not needing the boards for my own collection, I offered as much as I could and still make a little profit on the deal, but this was rejected. The boards and dimes sold a week or so later for a negotiated price of $650. It’s hard to say how the buyer broke down the lot’s value between boards and dimes, but it will nonetheless result in a price advance for these rare titles.

Flying Eagle Copper-Nickel Cents HandmadeOne oddity I purchased recently is a homemade coin board of standard size that is neatly hand-lettered to replicate a Kent or First Edition Whitman board for Eagle & Indian Cents. Even the incorrect spelling “NICKLE” is repeated, though this board omits both the rare 1856 cent and a backing.


CBN 48 announced the discovery of O25¢Dv, and I recently acquired a rare World War II printing of that same scarce Washington Quarter title. O25¢Dx has dates through 1945-S with one spare opening and mintages through 1943. This was one of several boards I bought that all grade VF-NM but were cut down 3/4” both left and right, presumably to fit a small frame. Oh, the humanity!


The first quarter of each year is always chock full of major coin shows. I expect to be fully recovered in time to attend the mighty FUN Show January 10-12. Next is the Long Beach Expo, which comes up early this year: January 31 – February 2. Finally, there’s the Whitman Baltimore Expo February 28 – March 3. I’ll be manning the NGC booth, so stop by if you can.

If you’re interested, be sure to stock up on my reference books at reduced prices. For sample pages of the first three titles, please go to coincollectingboards.com. All books signed unless requested otherwise. And please visit my eBay store: Cagemast Coin Boards and Albums

Best Regards,

David W. Lange, coincollectingboards.com

Photo of the author's desktop and computer wallpaper. Courtesy David W. Lange - Coin Board News

The author’s desktop, featuring Gramercy coin boards as his computer wallpaper. Photo courtesy David W. Lange

* * *

Newest Book

Continuing his highly acclaimed series of books about coin boards and albums, numismatic researcher David W. Lange has written Coin Collecting Albums – A Complete History & Catalog Volume Two: The Library of Coins and the Treasury of Coins. In addition to providing detailed catalogs and photos of both coin album lines, this book provides a history of their publisher, The Coin and Currency Institute, and an entertaining biography of the company’s founder, famed coin dealer Robert Friedberg. Richly illustrated, this new book has 144 heavy and coated pages, including 64 pages in full color. It is a deluxe, hardcover volume that will last for many years. The price is $49.95, plus $10 for priority mail shipping in a rigid, protective box.

Also available from Lange’s PennyBoard PressTM are his two previous books.

Coin Collecting Albums – A Complete History & Catalog Volume One: The National Coin Album & Related Products of Beistle, Raymond & Meghrig. Published at $75, this deluxe, hardcover book is now available at just $49.95.

Coin Collecting Boards of the 1930s & 1940s: A Complete History, Catalog and Value Guide, published at $39.95, is now just $19.95. Shipping is the same as for the new book. Call or write for combined shipping of two or more books.

All books purchased from David W. Lange will be signed, unless requested otherwise, and personalized inscriptions are available upon request. Payment may be made by check to David W. Lange or via PayPal to [email protected]. David W. Lange may be contacted at POB 110022, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211 or by telephone at (941) 586-8670. His website providing a history of vintage coin boards and from which he buys and sells such items, is coincollectingboards.com.

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