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Coin Library – Deluxe Hardbound Pogue Coin Collection Catalogs and Books

Deluxe Hardbound Pogue Coin Collection Catalogs and Books

By Q. David BowersStacksBowers.com ……..

The D. Brent Pogue Collection, after just three sales, has become the most valuable numismatic collection ever sold. With total auction prices realized of $68,569,181 the Pogue Collection has now passed both the John J. Ford, Jr. Collection ($63,052,197) and the Eric P. Newman Collection ($61,880,912). In addition, individual coins in the collection have set price records as well. It is unlikely that there will ever be another collection to compare with this extraordinary cabinet. As part of our presentation of the D. Brent Pogue Collection, Stack’s Bowers Galleries is offering important, collectible volumes that will be essential parts of your numismatic library.

Deluxe Hardbound Pogue Collection Auction Catalogs:

You are invited to subscribe to one of the most important sets of books ever to be published in American numismatics: special deluxe hardbound volumes of the D. Brent Pogue Collection: Masterpieces of United States Coinage. Each catalog will be offered, bound in dark navy leather with gold foil enhancement and including a printed prices realized list. The catalog set features in-depth offerings of American copper, silver, and gold coinage from the first year of the Philadelphia Mint’s operation, 1792, into the late 1830s, as well as some additional rarities and specialized later series. Each volume contains highly readable text combined with much research information not available from any other single source.

You can purchase each catalog for only $150 per issue plus $10 shipping. (Limit: one copy per buyer and subject to availability.)

However, we invite you to subscribe to the full suite of catalogs and receive a special 20% discount on each issue. You will be billed for each one as it becomes available. In this way you are assured of receiving each volume as it is published. As a special bonus, a custom box will be made to house the set and will be sent with our compliments.

Please call 800-458-4646 to place your order. You can look forward to some of the finest, most informative, and deluxe volumes ever published in the field of American numismatics.

Deluxe Hardbound Books about the Pogue Collection

In addition to the Pogue Collection catalogs, Q. David Bowers has written two interesting and informative companion books that are now available from Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

Treasures from the D. Brent Pogue Rare Coin Cabinet, by Q. David Bowers. 208 pages, color illustrated, quality hardbound. This tells the stories of 100 special coins from the collection. $39.95 plus shipping. Personally autographed by Dave on request.

The 1822 Gold Half Eagle: Story of a Rarity, by Q. David Bowers.  128 pages, color illustrated, quality hardbound. $39.95 plus shipping. This also contains a wealth of information about other coins, people, places, and things—a “you are there” experience. Personally autographed by Dave on request.

For more information or to order visit http://media.stacksbowers.com/poguecollection/pogue-the-books.html

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