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Collectors Beware Problem MS70 American Silver Eagles


Coin dealer and QA Check founder James Sego shares his valuable insights on the certified American Silver Eagle market and things you must avoid when buying coins that have been graded MS70 by either PCGS or NGC.

We talk milk spots, the value of QA Check certification, and mistakes that could cost unsuspecting collectors thousands of dollars. Here are market insights most dealers don’t want to talk about.

To prove the point, we inspect two 1991 American Silver Eagles: One graded MS70 and one graded MS69. Which of the two do you prefer? Watch and comment.

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  1. “Buy the coin not the holder”!!!!!!!!
    Before I got into collecting silver Eagles I read everything I could get my hands on about them
    Milk spotting is their number one problem!!!!!!
    I’ve returned numismatic coins from a few bullion dealers and eBay sellers because of them!!!!!
    Hardly any seller will address them and buying silver Eagles now has taken on a “buyer beware” status!!!!
    You CANNOT rely on what grade the grading company has put on a coin, you’ve got to inspect the coin yourself.
    NGC and PCGS will NOT guarantee the grading if milk spotting appears after they grade and slab it!!!
    So when a seller tells you, “this is an awesome silver eagle, it’s graded ms70 so you’ve got nothing to worry about!!! Start to worry!!!!!!!
    I read where PCGS has said there will eventually be a 2 tier grading system, one with milk spotting and one without!!!!!!
    So the next time you’re about to push the Buy button, make sure you’re able to return the coin you are buying if it has milk spotting!!!!!


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