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CoinWeek Video: Guess the Grade of This 1907 $10 Gold Eagle


This week, CoinWeek has a 1907 Liberty Head eagle $10 gold coin for you to grade.

This coin was certified by NGC and presents a challenge for even the most experienced coin graders.

But it’s not just a 1907 eagle; this coin is also an overdate. We show you how to identify this feature so that you can cherry-pick one the next time you’re looking for a 1907 $10 eagle gold coin at a coin shop or convention.

The 1907 Liberty Head eagle was replaced by the Saint-Gaudens $10 eagle gold coin at the end of 1907. As a transitional issue, this coin was saved in large numbers and is considered a common issue of the type.

Coin collectors looking to buy an example of this date for their collections should look for quality coins with good eye appeal. Does this coin have those characteristics?

What grade would you give this gold coin and what do you think its value is? Let us know in the comments–we’ll reveal the grade next week!

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  1. How could large numbers of gold type coins be saved at the beginning or end of a series when most working class people never saw gold, only paper, copper and silver?


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