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Modern US Coins – Congress Proposes John Kennedy, World War 2 Commemorative Programs

John F. Kennedy

By CoinWeek News Staff ….
As a coin collector, one may almost be forgiven for believing that Congress was frittering away its time this past summer by focusing on frivolous bills of no numismatic import whatsoever (Graham-Cassidy what, now?). But two commemorative programs were introduced that prove our legislators have their priorities straight.

And refreshingly, the programs commemorate subjects that have already been covered, repeatedly and recently.

2020 President Kennedy Silver Dollar

Back on July 17, Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA23) introduced H.R. 3724, the President John F. Kennedy Commemorative Coin Act. The bill authorizes the striking of 500,000 silver dollar coins to commemorate the life and presidency of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who served as our nation’s 35th president from 1961 through 1963. Each 90% pure coin would weigh 26.73 grams and have a diameter of 1.5 inches. The artwork on the commemorative would be “emblematic of the life and legacy of President John F. Kennedy”. The year 2020–the 60th anniversary of Kennedy’s election to office–would also be included.

In addition to the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC), the Treasury Department must also consult with the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation as to the design of the coin. Proof and Uncirculated versions would be struck.

A surcharge of $10 would be added to the price of the coin. The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation would be the sole beneficiary.

At the time of writing, the bill has 170 cosponsors (89 Republicans and 81 Democrats). It has sat with the House Committee on Financial Services, headed by Representative Jeb Hensarling (R-TX5) since its introduction. A Senate version of the bill, S. 1568, was introduced the same day by Junior Senator Edward “Ed” Markey (D-MA).

End of World War II 75th Anniversary Commemorative

2020 will be the 75th anniversary of the victorious conclusion of World War II, and so, on August 2, Junior Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) introduced the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II Commemorative Coin Act (S. 1718) to the Senate. The Act authorizes the production of 50,000 gold $5 coins, 500,000 silver $1 coins, and 750,000 clad half dollars.

P-51 Mustang World War II

No corresponding House bill has been sponsored as yet.

Gold coins would consist of 8.359 grams of 90% pure gold and have a diameter of 0.850 inches. The silver dollar would consist of 26.73 grams of 90% pure silver, with a diameter of 1.500 inches. Each clad half dollar would weigh 11.34 grams and have a diameter of 1.205 inches. Designs for the three coins will be “emblematic” of the “great sacrifices made by millions of people of the United States 75 years ago to bring a victorious end to World War II.” The commemoratives will be available in Proof and Uncirculated finishes.

Surcharges include the typical $35 for the gold coin, $10 for the silver and $5 for the clad half dollar. A special version of the silver dollar will include a $50 surcharge. These will be paid to the National WWII Museum Inc, which will also review the commemorative’s designs.

The widgets below will update as the bills wind their ways through Congress to the president:

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