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CoinWeek: Cool Coins! 2018 Episode 1: Amazing Mint Errors, Shipwreck Gold and More!

CoinWeek Cool Coins! returns with this first episode for 2018.We are excited to share with you a new crop of cool stories about some of the most interesting coins, tokens, and medals that dealers and collectors show off on the bourse floor.Segment 1: Larry Shepherd talks about an original three-coin set of Bridgeport, Connecticut Centennial half dollars. You can view Larry’s complete inventory of coins on his website: http://www.simcocoins.com

Segment 2: Jeff Shevlin and Charles talk about the interrelationship of So-Called Dollars and Classic Commemorative Coins. Jeff has a seldom-seen So-Called Dollar from the World’s Colombian Exposition of 1893 honoring the President of the Board of Lady Managers, Mrs. Potter Palmer.

Segment 3: Russ Augustin from AU Capital Management always brings nice coins with him when he travels to a major coin show.

At the FUN Show in Tampa, Russ had the finest known 1856-S $2.50 gold coin. This is an amazing MS67 example, which is a whole two points higher than the second finest example for the date; a fact that is made even more unbelievable due to the fact that this is a shipwreck coin from the SS Central America!

Be sure to check out Russ’ current selection of high-end and collector coins from Ancients to classic U.S.: http://www.aucmcoins.com

Segment 4: You won’t see an error coin like this again any time soon. Mint error dealer Fred Weinberg has only sold a few coins in his career that he regrets not keeping for himself and this 1851 double eagle struck on a large cent planchet is one of them.

Imagine the scenario where the U.S. most high value coins, a $20 gold piece, is accidentally (ahem) struck on one of the country’s most humble coin planchets.

Into mint errors? Check out Fred’s current inventory: https://www.fredweinberg.com

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