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East India Company Presents Charity – Third Coin in Queen’s Virtues Collection

East India Company Presents Charity - Third Coin in Queen's Virtues Collection

By East India Company Bullion Ltd ……
The East India Company Bullion Ltd. in association with the Government of St. Helena are pleased to announce the third release in the new series of collector coins entitled The Queen’s Virtues Collection. The collection, launched in honor of the 95th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II, which she celebrated last April 21, is inspired by the ‘Virtues of a Queen’ and proudly celebrates this important milestone event. The completed series will comprise a beautiful collection of six designs that represent these qualities and virtues that remain as important and constant in our lives as ever.

While the first coin featured VICTORY and the second featured TRUTH, the third coin features CHARITY – perhaps the most admired virtue. It is said those who display a true sense of charity show compassion for others, a great desire to give of themselves and most of all live a life of true generosity and sharing. As monarchies transitioned from authority to influence, it was Queen Victoria who believed the crown should lead through the guidance of philanthropy rather than political power.

Today, Queen Elizabeth II is patron to more than 600 charities and organizations across the UK and the Commonwealth. At the height of her activities, she was estimated to have helped raise more than $2 billion or £1.4 billion a year. During the first 60 years of her reign, it is documented Her Majesty had contributed her time and attention to more charities than any other monarch in history. As part of a most solemn and charitable act before every Good Friday, the Queen participates in the Maundy Thursday ceremony. This involves the handing out of small silver coins adding up to the sovereign’s age to as many men and women along with a £5 crown coin.

The third coin highlighting CHARITY is depicted with an extraordinary design created by accomplished artist Elles Kloosterman. Her design is based on the acclaimed Victoria Memorial situated outside Buckingham Palace. CHARITY is represented by a sculpture portraying motherhood and a serene woman seated while holding a baby she is nursing. Her left arm holds an older child closely and to her right knee is a third child holding a satchel of money, symbolizing generosity with one’s wealth to others. To the left of the design along the edge is the Latin inscription IN OMNIBUS CARITAS (“In All Things Charity”). The distinctive privy mark of The East India Company is placed to the upper right, a mark applied to all East India Company’s modern coinage. The obverse side includes the Commonwealth effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II created by engraver Jody Clark and introduced onto the coinage of St. Helena in 2019. The issuing authority ST HELENA is included in the legend surrounding the Queen’s likeness with the denomination and year of issue 2022 shown below.

As with the first and second releases, the third coin includes 1oz gold and 1oz silver Proof-quality pieces. Available as of Monday, January 24, 2022, each encapsulated coin is presented in a custom case and accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity and information booklet.

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  1. I have about 10 of each of the first two St Helena 1oz Queen’s Virtues Coins. After seeing the Victory coin, 1 purchased several because of the beauty and theTruth coin was just as lovey. I have been unable to find the Charity coin that isn’t a proof, to continue making up the sets I plan to give our children and grandchildren. As these sets are to introduce the kids to collecting, I’m beginning to worry. Can you assist me or can I purchase in advance for the next three?


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