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Famous Doubled Die Penny Sells for $19,800 at GreatCollections

A collector in Kentucky recently discovered the rarity.

GreatCollections auctioned a rare circulated 1969-S Lincoln Cent, with the Doubled Die Obverse variety on Sunday, November 2, 2014. The coin had been graded AU-55 by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Several serious bids were received for the coin, before it was sold for $19,800; over 700 people had viewed the auction online.

1969-S Lincoln Cent, with the Doubled Die Obverse
1969-S Lincoln Cent, with the Doubled Die Obverse

The 1969-S Doubled Die variety was discovered shortly after they were released in circulation; however, very few have been found to date. Less than 100 coins are believed known in all grades. A collector in Kentucky, who was sorting through circulated pennies for rare varieties, discovered this example.

“Several weeks ago, I remember receiving a phone call on a Saturday at the office – the caller said he just discovered a 1969-S Doubled Die coin. This is really a collector’s dream to find such a rare and elusive error while sorting through pennies,” said Ian Russell, President/founder of GreatCollections.

On the same day, GreatCollections auctioned two high-grade modern coins that appeared in an auction for the first time. Both attracted over 50 bids each. The 1976-S Eisenhower Dollar Type 2 graded PCGS Proof-70 DCAM for $22,500 and a 1983 “No S” Roosevelt Dime graded PCGS Proof-70 DCAM for $10,560.
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About GreatCollections

GreatCollections is an auction and direct sale venue for PCGS, NGC and ANACS certified coins, as well as coins approved by CAC. GreatCollections handles each coin transaction from start to finish. For sellers, GreatCollections offers professional imaging for each coin, cash advances as appropriate, and other individualized services generally not available with the large auction houses and other websites, freeing the seller to do nothing except collect the proceeds of the sale. Buyers benefit by entrusting a venue whose principals have years of coin experience and whose reputations in the industry are impeccable.

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