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Germany 2017 Tropical Climate Zone 5 Euro Coin with Polymer Ring


In 2016, the Federal Ministry of Finance of Germany issued the five-euro Planet Earth collector coin with a blue polymer ring connecting two metallic portions. It was a startling first in coin production, the innovative process having been developed by German press manufacturer Schuler AG. The coin was manufactured by inserting a translucent plastic ring between a copper-nickel outer ring and a copper-nickel center disc and then bonding the three sections together in a very precise manner.

The coin was such a success with collectors that the Ministry is producing a five-year, five-coin series utilizing the polymer ring technology called “Climate Zones of the Earth“. The first entry in the series honors the tropics; it is scheduled for release in April of 2017.


The inner core features a parrot wings up in mid-flight. It appears to be preparing to perch as it opens its claws towards central motif, which consists of a “fisheye” lens point-of-view shot looking down through the forest canopy past the tall trunks of the trees to the earth below. Two smaller birds fly around the scene, presumably at a distance, thereby providing depth in an additional dimension.

The obverse of the outer copper-nickel ring features four more small silhouettes of birds – one on the left and the other three against the rim on the right. The right wing of the main parrot extends through the red polymer ring, the tips of its feathers located on the outer ring. Along the lower left rim of the outer metallic ring is the inscription TROPISCHE ZONE (“Tropical Zone”)


The reverse of the central disc features a stylized heraldic eagle – a national symbol of Germany. The year 2017 is found below. Above the eagle’s head is one of five possible mint marks: “A” for the Berlin Mint, “D” for Munich, “F” for Stuttgart, “G” for Karlsruhe and “J” for Hamburg. The inscriptions 5 EURO and 2016 BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND dominate the bottom left two-thirds of the outer ring. Interspersed among the inscriptions are the 12 stars of the European Union.


The edge of the 2017 Tropical Climate Zone is smooth, with the inscription KLIMAZONEN DER ERDE (“Climate Zones of the Earth”).

Polymer Ring:

The polymer ring of the collector coin is a different shade of red for each of the five state mints.

Designer(s): Leipzig-based artist Stefanie Radtke recently graduated from Leipzig University. Her design was selected by a jury to appear on the 2017 Tropical Climate Zone 5 euro coin.

Coin Specifications:

Country:  Germany
Year Of Issue:  2017
Denomination:  5 Euro
Mint Mark: Berlin (A), Munich (D), Stuttgart (F), Karlsruhe (G), Hamburg (J)
Mintage:  Uncirculated: 2 million; Proof: 300,000
Alloy: Copper-Nickel, Polymer
Weight:  9 g
Diameter:  27.25 mm
Edge:  Smooth, Inscribed
OBV Designer Stefanie Radtke
REV Designer Stefanie Radtke
Quality: Uncirculated, Proof

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