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Guess the Grade of This 1934-D Washington Quarter


This week, we have a 1934-D Washington quarter. Can you guess the grade?

The 1934-D Washington quarter was struck at the height of the Great Depression. The mints in Denver and Philadelphia were the only two facilities to strike quarters in 1934, and the Philly strikes outnumber Denvers on a 9:1 basis.

Actually, outside of the 1932-D and the 1932-S, the 1934-D is the scarcest Washington quarter in Mint State. PCGS has graded more than a thousand examples in Mint State, reporting that the typical Mint State coin that they’ve seen as grading MS-64. Grading tops out at MS-67+.

In hand, this example has exceptional eye appeal with light scattered toning. The toning is not aggressive, neither elevating nor taking away from the coin’s eye appeal.

On Washington quarters, we are looking for hits on Washington’s head and neck area. On the reverse, look for hits on the eagle’s breast. Also, look for the overall sharpness of the strike and the presence of luster.

How would you grade this coin and what do you believe its value is?

Leave your comments down below and we’ll be back next week to let you know how you did.

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  1. 1934 D Washington Quarter MS 67 or 67+ Very clean fields and nice eye appeal. Exceptionally strong strike for the date and mint.


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