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Heritage Central States Auctions Top $52 Million

Highlights from Heritage Auctions 2024 Central States Numismatic Society Auction.
Highlights from Heritage Auctions 2024 Central States Numismatic Society Auction.

U.S. Coins

An 1863 Ten Dollar, Judd-349 PR64 Cameo, PCGS. CAC earned a record $810,000 to lead the Heritage Auctions Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS) Convention U.S. Coins Signature Auction to $27,825,772.

That total, combined with Heritage’s CSNS Currency Signature Auction, which ended at $12,610,964, and the CSNS World and Ancient Coins Platinum Session and Signature Auction that reached $11,904,407 raised the total for the three events to $52,341,143.

The 1863 Judd-349 ten dollar, which smashed its previous auction record (set in the coin’s last auction appearance in 1988) of $64,900, is the only gold specimen known to collectors from these dies, and it claims an unbroken pedigree back to its day of striking. Only a few numismatic issues — Judd-349 among them — can claim to be unique. This magnificent coin was among the Important Selections from The Bob R. Simpson Collection, Part XII featured in the auction, a trove from which highlights also included a 1795 13 Leaves Eagle, BD-1, MS64+ that drew 37 bids on its way to $600,000 and three coins: a 1796 BD-1 Eagle, MS62+ PCGS. CAC, an 1839 Gobrecht Dollar, Judd-109 Restrike, Pollock-122, Unique, PR64 Red and Brown PCGS and a 1799 $10 Large Obverse Stars MS65 PCGS. CAC — each of which reached $360,000.

The top result for a lot not part of the Simpson Collection was $408,000 for an 1893 Liberty Double Eagle, PR65 Deep Cameo PCGS, more than doubling the auction record of $192,000 set at Heritage Auctions in 2022. The Philadelphia Mint decreased production of Proof Liberty Head Double Eagles to just 59 pieces in 1893, and unfortunately, the issue has a low survival rate, perhaps due to the ready availability of high-grade business-strikes, with a mintage of 344,280 pieces. Whatever the reason, the 1893 Proof Liberty Head Double Eagle is an elusive issue in all grades today: PCGS and NGC have combined to certify only 13 specimens between them, with this coin being the single finest.

Another double eagle — an 1896 Liberty Twenty, PR66 Deep Cameo PCGS — reached $300,000.

An 1879 Flowing Hair Stella, Judd-1635, PR66 Cameo CACG, a stunning example of one of the most popular issues in American numismatics, drew a winning bid of $324,000. Although technically a pattern, the 1879 Stella, which was named one of the 100 Greatest U.S. Coins, typically is collected as a trophy coin and type issue. The surviving population is in the hundreds, which only adds to the demand for this gorgeous rarity.

Complete results for the Heritage Central States U.S. Coins Auction can be found at HA.com/1374.


Series of 1934, Fr#2331-A $10,000 Federal Reserve Note. Image: Heritage Auctions.
Series of 1934, Fr#2331-A $10,000 Federal Reserve Note. Image: Heritage Auctions.

A Fr. 2231-A $10,000 1934 Federal Reserve Note. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ topped pre-auction expectations when it closed at $432,000 to lead Heritage’s CSNS Currency Signature Auction to $12,610,964.

“The allure of ultra-high denomination banknotes continues to grow, and this note is a perfect example of the kinds of notes that the most serious collectors covet,” says Dustin Johnston, Vice President of Currency at Heritage Auctions. “This marked its first appearance at auction ever, and it is the finest New York note graded by PMG, which has graded only two notes equal and three higher among all of the small size $10,000 Federal Reserve Notes.”

The finest Fr. 2221-J $5,000 1934 Federal Reserve Note PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ finished at $384,000. This gorgeous lot from the Heritage Central States currency auction, with one of just seven serial numbers listed in Track & Price for Fr. 2221-J, is one of just four examples listed in the PMG Population Report with PMG’s highest grade for the Friedberg number and the EPQ modifier. It features the incredibly low 00000020 serial number. PMG has graded only five examples equal and none higher.

A fully original Fr. 2231-A $10,000 1934 Federal Reserve Note. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ pulled in a winning bid of $336,000. It is a rarely seen high grade, where strictly original notes are rare. Fewer than 25% of $5,000s and $10,000s are still fully original, or without any restorations.

A Series 1878 Triple Signature $50 Silver Certificate, among the rarest of all Federal notes, brought $312,000. Through the Bland-Allison Act, the Silver Certificate was created as an instrument to support the massive influx of newly minted silver dollars into Treasury Department vaults, because they were easier and cheaper to distribute to banks, but fell short of “full” legal tender status. Only six survivors are known; of those, one is in the ANA Museum, and two more are part of the San Francisco Federal Reserve holdings. One of just three in private hands, this example has the longest and most esteemed pedigree, having been part of the Albert A. Grinnell Collection, then included in the collections of Aaron R. Feldman and Thomas F. Morris.

Two notes — a Fr. 187j $1,000 1880 Legal Tender PMG Choice Very Fine 35 that is tied for the finest known Fr. 187j in the series and a Fr. 2221-B $5,000 1934 Federal Reserve Note. PMG Choice Uncirculated 63 EPQ that is the highest PMG-graded 1934 New York $5,000 — ended at $288,000. Of the 14 Fr. 187j $1,000s listed in Track & Price, only seven have appeared at auction in the past 25 years. A small run of Uncirculated $5,000 notes from the New York district was discovered some two decades ago; that group produced the only fully Uncirculated notes from the New York Federal Reserve–including this example.

Complete results from the Heritage Central States Currency auction can be found at HA.com/3595.

Ancient and World Coins

Image: Heritage Auctions.
Octavian & Divus Julius Caesar AV Aureus, c. 43 BCE. Image: Heritage Auctions.

Ancient and modern coins converged when an Octavian as Consul (ca. 43 BCE) with Julius Caesar as Dictator Perpetuo and Pontifex Maximus. AV aureus (18mm, 8.16 gm, 5h). NGC Choice XF 3/5 – 4/5 and a rare Victoria gold Proof “Una and the Lion” 5 Pounds 1839 PR62 Ultra Cameo NGC each drew a winning bid of $288,000 to lead the World & Ancient Coins auction. The Octavian aureus features one of the very few near-contemporary portraits of Julius Caesar in gold. Portraits in silver and bronze can be had, but gold portraits are exceedingly rare — this example likely is one of fewer than 50 extant. The Una and the Lion 5 is one of the most eagerly pursued of all world coins, struck just two years into Queen Victoria’s reign by renowned 19th-century Royal Mint Chief Engraver William Wyon.

A beautiful SICILY. Syracuse. Dionysius I (405-370 BCE). AR decadrachm (33mm, 43.40 gm, 11h). NGC AU star 5/5 – 5/5, Fine Style climbed to $132,000. It captures the serenity of Arethusa, wreathed with barley and wearing a triple pendant earring and beaded necklace on the reverse, as well as the action on the obverse of a charioteer driving a quadriga galloping left, in flowing chiton, the reins in his left hand, kentron in right, and Nike flying right in field above to crown him.

A magnificent Claudius I (41-54 CE). AV aureus (20mm, 7.84 gm, 11h). NGC MS 4/5 – 4/5 sold for $126,000. Fourth in line to the imperial throne, Emperor Claudius overcame physical limitations with which he was born to on his way to power after Caligula’s death in 41 CE. The last sole surviving male heir to the Julio-Claudian dynasty, he was given sanctuary by the elite Praetorian Guard. The reverse of this spectacular aureus depicts the Praetorian camp and the legend “IMPER RECEPT” (“The Emperor Received”), a direct reference to the episode at the aftermath of Caligula’s assassination.

Finishing at $108,000 was a Republic gold Proof 100 Francs 1889-A PR63 Cameo NGC, Paris mint, KM832, Gad-1137, Fr-590. From a minuscule mintage of just 100 pieces, it is a beautiful Proof striking of one of the most collectible series in French numismatics and one that remains in demand when witnessed in comparable advanced states of preservation.

Another record for the type was set when a Vespasian (69-79 CE). AV aureus (19mm, 7.30 gm, 7h). NGC MS 5/5 – 4/5 sold for $78,000.

The auction’s highlights also included the sale of 258 lots from the collection of Ayden Ezen, one of the finest collections of high-end Sovereigns to come to market in the last decade.

Included among the collection’s highlights was a Victoria gold “Shield” Sovereign 1841 MS65+ PCGS, KM736.1, S-3852, Marsh-24 (R3) that rose to $96,000. A challenging date to locate in anything approaching Mint State, this example sits atop the certified population at PCGS.

Also from the Ezen collection in the Heritage Central States world coin offerings is an extremely rare George VI gold Matte Proof Sovereign 1937 PR64 PCGS, KM859, S-4076 var. (matte finish), Marsh-296C (R6) that sold for $72,000. Tied for the finest among just three recognized by NGC or PCGS, this example represented the first full Sovereign with this finish offered through Heritage Auctions.

Beautifully complementing the George VI gold Sovereign was the finest George VI 1937 Matte Proof 1/2 Sovereign, which finished at $38,400, while a Victoria gold Proof Pattern 2 Pounds 1887 PR62 Deep Cameo PCGS brought a winning bid of $28,800 and a Victoria gold “Shield” Sovereign 1853 MS66 NGC closed at $21,600.

Complete results from the Heritage Central States World Coins Platinum Session and Signature Auction can be found at HA.com/3115.

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