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How PCGS Is Handling Director’s Strike 2023 Peace Dollars

How is PCGS Handling 2023 Peace Dollars?

In 2021, the United States Mint celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first Peace Dollar producing 200,000 pieces featuring the highly popular design. These modern strikes sold out the same day of their release. Just a few weeks ago on July 13, 2023-dated Peace Dollars became available to the public. Soon after, a great deal of buzz began in the numismatic community about what collectors have dubbed a “golden ticket” possibly being included in some orders.

As it turns out, 200 2023-P Peace Dollars were struck by U.S. Mint Director Ventris C. Gibson and are accompanied by numbered certificates of authenticity hand signed by Director Gibson. Also included are cards reading, “Congratulations! This 2023 Peace dollar Uncirculated Coin, minted in Philadelphia, is one of 200 personally struck by the Honorable Ventris C. Gibson, Director of the United States Mint.”

In 2019, PCGS launched a service encapsulating United States Mint serialized Certificates of Authenticity (COA) alongside the American Eagle One Ounce Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof. The question for many collectors became: Would PCGS have this same program in place for the 2023 Peace Dollars? As you can see, the answer is yes!

PCGS Mint Director's Strike COA encapsulation. Image: PCGS.
PCGS Mint Director’s Strike COA encapsulation. Image: PCGS.

How can collectors get their COA, “Congratulations” card, and coins encapsulated and identified as a Director’s Strike Peace Dollar? When PCGS opens sealed Mint submissions and discovers a coin struck by Gibson, we immediately contact the submitter and ask if they would like to have the COA encapsulated and the special designation added to the coin. Given the special nature of this program, we will waive our requirement that all COAs in the submission are encapsulated. As seen above, we will call out the COA# and that the coin is indeed a “Director’s Strike” if we receive the coin in sealed Mint packaging. Please note, if we feel that the box has been opened prior to arriving at PCGS, it will not qualify for this service as we cannot prove, based on current Mint information, which coins are part of this program unless we receive it in untampered form. A $20 Oversized holder fee applies to all COA encapsulations, with an additional $25 for signed COAs. This service is available to PCGS Collectors Club members and Authorized Dealers.

To join the PCGS Collectors Club, click here. For more information please contact PCGS Customer Service at (800) 447-8848.

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  1. I read this and realize as a private collector that if I open the box and find a gold ticket, that I cannot submit the package for encapsulation. yes? i believe each gold ticket (signed COA) is individually signed and numbered, yes? Why can’t you encapsulate both from an open box and add the notation on the holder “open box”. That way it preserves the COA which is just as important (or more) then the coin itself, Yes? Please note, I submitted a coin for grading to your competitor. Error 2021 morgan coin and they state they never saw it, they said “prove it”, Think about this!!!


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