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KABOOM!…An Update About Last Weeks Article on Coin Doctors

HOT TOPICS By Laura SperberLegend Numismatics


I can say it definitely was well read. Unfortunately, it was not so well received by a small vocal group. Too bad! As far as I am concerned, the coin docs can rot away! Link to Article


First, my fave group-the PNG wasn’t too happy with me. I am a big girl, and when I make a mistake I admit it. Regarding the PNG I wrote something incorrect (it sounded incorrect anyway).

I had NOT filed ANY complaint with the PNG or was stonewalled by them. THEY DID NOTHING WRONG in this regard. I got stonewalled by technicalities that had NOTHING to do with the PNG. So in this case I apologize to them. BUT, I still feel the same about their in ability to do any thing for the consumer unless prompted-grrr.


My goodness, SEVERAL of them crawled out of their dungeons and accused me of talking about them. My, my these guys care about their consciences all of the sudden? NOT! What really blew me away was how they justify being cheats to themselves. They really do NOT think they are wrong.

One guy even had the gaul to call me at 2 AM and “try to make my miserable”. Well it backfired on him terribly. Originally, I had NEVER written about him. NOW I AM. HE IS AN INSTRUCTOR AT THE ANA SUMMER SEMINAR.

Yes, this guy is a coin re-toner at the VERY least. He is famous for his blue rims that for so long fooled the grading services. He has damaged some really superb type to make a buck.

So he goes to teach ANA classes probably seeking mental redemption. In my book, he does not deserve to be teaching and deserves NO redemption-even if he claims he quit being a coin doc. Now, if he started a campaign against docs (I am talking about helping get his pals turned in, not just education), and was aggressively buying back his coins-then maybe. But you can’t shoot someone, say your sorry, leave them with a scar for life (which is what he did), and then say love me?

Once I am on the ANA board, I promise he will NEVER be able to teach there again. In fact, I plan on discussing this issue with the ANA at the upcoming Philadelphia Show. If you see a coin doc holding a DO NOT VOTE for Laura sign, guess who he is!

We can’t let these guys get away with what they have done. I believe they need to punished. I will NOT tolerate ANYONE trying to bully me either.


You’ll notice its not on our site anymore. Kudos to PCGS for making that issue go away. However, I jumped the gun and took the image down because apparently it connected to the Ebayers auctions-and he did not like that. Stupid me! That link had only been on a site prior (PCGS) where 100,000+ people could have seen it. I am amused he was mad at me. Pick on the big guy next time.

Let me figure his reasoning then for even having the coin for sale:

  • It wasn’t his (then he is a mule for a doc)
  • It hadn’t turned when he first got it (dog ate my homework)
  • He didn’t know (oh really? all coins have putty so thick it oozes?)
  • Or maybe it he has very high ethics? (yeah right)!

What a bunch of losers these guys are. There is NO excuse to make about a coin that HORRIBLE. IF YOU DID NOT KNOW IT WAS THAT BAD, THEN YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SELLING COINS TO THE PUBLIC…IMHO!  I do not know who the vendor was, or if he was a doc, or if he rescues small furry animals, in the end I was shocked that he put a coin that bad up for sale. Really!


On the PCGS chatroom this past week, there was a thread about who your numismatic idols are. One collector hit the mother load! He listed 5 people-4 are some of the biggest KNOWN current coin doctors that exist! One will try to argue they make coins better-but he is still a coin doctor. Just wait until this collectors coins turn black in a few years-bet he will have those guys on a different list then! I’d say coin docs are mentioned on 20% of the responses so far. That’s VERY sad state for the hobby. Just because someone is a “name” does not mean they do not use chemistry set to make a living.

The public has to demand tougher grading, tougher penalties when these guys get caught, and MAKE THEM get caught! I promise I am working on a few cases that WILL make it to the PNG for trial.


Because to me coin doctors are the lowest form of garbage in this hobby. I just missed out on buying $1 million dollars worth of expensive coins for my customers in an auction. ALL OF THE COINS WERE MESSED WITH. One-an expensive dollar-had a spot removed (which isn’t horrible), but then they wiped the area around it and tried to cover up the work. That was a $200G coin that is now damaged and will NEVER CAC. It is a danger to any buyer regardless of price. Granted the coin sold for much less then $200G, but someone could still end up injured if an unscrupulous dealer buys and offers it for what it should worth if it were the proper un-messed with grade. That’s just ONE example of how coin doctoring hurts ALL of us.

These docs just have no respect for money or the collector. Since it affects MY livelihood and it just robed a collector of a great coin, I am not going to sit back and take it. Turning my back and walking away from a bad coin like so many dealers do is NOT the answer, I am NOT a coward.


The ANA was the ONLY party I did not hear from about my Hot Topics. I am deeply disappointed. It just shows me how clueless they are. This is a VERY serious issue. These are wolves in sheep clothing who are teaching there (with an exception or two), none of them are elite. I think the ANA should be totally embarrassed by this and needs to revamp their ANA seminar program (which does happen to be excellent).


Laura Sperber
Laura Sperberhttps://www.legendnumismatics.com/
Laura Sperber is one of the owners of Legend Numismatics. She is a passionate and outspoken dealer who says what she believes and is a strong proponent of numismatic standards. Since 1987, Legend Numismatics has built an unequaled reputation among casual collectors and avid investors alike by locating and procuring top-quality rare coins.

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  1. Hi Laura,

    I totally agree with your comments concerning these individuals that are in my view are considered as maggots.


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