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Kolbe & Fanning’s August 22 Sale Published


Kolbe & Fanning have published our latest auction catalogue. Sale 139, featuring selections from the libraries of Margo Russell and Raymond Hale, among other properties. The sale features numismatic literature from around the world, and will be held beginning at noon eastern time on Saturday, August 22.


Some highlights from the sale include:

  • Lot 45: a complete set of the Archiv für Medaillen – und Plaketten-Kunde
  • Lots 87 and 88: two French arrêts from the reign of Louis XV, the first on the bills issued under John Law, and the second lowering the value of the Louis d’Or
  • Lot 113: a very rare complete set of the Sartiges collection plates with supplement
  • Lots 147 and following: a complete set of the American Journal of Numismatics, offered in separate bound volumes each including from one to five years
  • Lot 241: an original 1875 Crosby in a Nova Constellatio binding
  • Lot 246: an unpublished Damon Douglas study on Fugio coppers
  • Lot 358: a deluxe, photographically illustrated copy of Mehl’s Dunham catalogue
  • Lot 359: a rare deluxe Atwater catalogue
  • Lot 437: a deluxe leatherbound 1996 Robinson S. Brown sale, one of five issued


Printed copies of the catalogue have already been mailed to prospective customers. A PDF of the printed version has been posted on the main Kolbe & Fanning website at numislit.com for anyone wishing to browse the sale. In addition, the sale has been posted to Kolbe & Fanning’s custom online biding platform at auction.numislit.com, where every lot is illustrated in color and where absentee bids can be placed at any time prior to the sale. The live sale will be conducted on the auction.numislit.com site.

As a reminder, bidders may participate in this sale in a variety of ways. Please feel free to send us your bids in the regular mail or send us an e-mail. Give us a call at (614) 414-0855 or send us a fax at (614) 414-0860. For those who prefer the experience of live bidding, please check out our live biding platform at auction.numislit.com. Register in advance of the sale and browse the lots at your leisure: all lots are illustrated in the online catalogue. Absentee bids can be placed in advance, allowing participants to not worry about remembering the sale or finding themselves unexpectedly occupied on the day of the sale. Bids will be reduced as competition dictates and the privacy of your maximum bids is maintained.

Thanking you in advance for your bids,

Kolbe & Fanning

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