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Künker Summer Auction: The Popken Collection

Three pfennig siege money, Minden - Kunker Summer Auction: Popken Collection
Copper three-pfennig from the Siege of Minden, 1634

Dear bidders and coin enthusiasts,

We feel honored to auction off another part of the extensive Friedrich Popken collection. On June 23, 2015 we will start auction 263 with rarities from Erfurt, Halberstadt, Hamburg, Magdeburg, Minden, Quedlinburg and Regenstein.

Lovers of history will find there highly important pieces. Just think of an extremely rare thaler struck in Erfurt in 1683 on the occasion of the end of a plague epidemic. It shows archangel Michael wrestling down the personification of the Black Death. Other favorite topics may include gorgeous city views and realistic portraits to be seen on many thalers. And the best of all, there are estimates starting in the two digit range, too.

Please take a close look at the auction catalog. To give you some more suggestions where, we have put together some information for you.

Highlights from the Frederick Popken Collection


Uniface Freeipfennig, ErfurtLot 3
City. Uniface Freipfennig in gold n. d. (after 1450).
Extremely rare. Nearly Extremely Fine
Estimate: 1,000 €

Quarter Reichsthaler, ErfurtLot 11
City.1/4 reichsthaler 1617.
Extremely rare. Very Fine
Estimate: 2,000 €

Double Reichsthaler, ErfurtLot 35
Under Swedish rule. Gustav II Adolph.
Double reichsthaler 1634, on his death.
Ex Bruun Collection.
Extremely rare. Very Fine
Estimate: 4,000 €


Conrad of Krosigk BracteateLot 65
Conrad of Krosigk. Bracteate.
From the bracteate hoard of Seega.
Probably unique. Nearly Extremely Fine
Estimate: 1,500 €

Goldgulden, HalberstadtLot 97
Chapter. Goldgulden n. d. (around 1614).
Very rare. Very Fine
Estimate: 3,000 €

Chapter. Reichsthaler 1617.
Probably unique. Nearly Very Fine
Estimate: 3,000 €

Double reichsthaler, HalberstadtLot 129
City. Double reichsthaler 1663.
2nd known specimen. Very Fine
Estimate: 7,500 €


Quarter reichsthaler, HamburgLot 186
City. Thick 1/4 thaler 1566. Minted from the shilling dies.
Ex Schierhorn Collection and Nordheim Collection.
Very rare. Very Fine
Estimate: 1,000 €

Reichsthaler, HamburgLot 243
City. Reichsthaler (32 Schilling) 1616.
Very rare. Very Fine
Estimate: 600 €

Double schilling, Hamburg LubeckLot 247
Joint coinage with the city of Lübeck.
Double shilling (24 pfennig) 1619.
Ex Schierhorn Collection.
Very rare. Very Fine
Estimate: 750 €

Half reichsthaler, HamburgLot 278
City. 1/2 reichsthaler (16 Schilling) 1636.
Rare. Good very Fine
Estimate: 250 €

Reichsthaler, HamburgLot 301
City. Reichsthaler (48 shilling) 1680.
Extremely rare. Nearly Extremely Fine
Estimate: 6,000 €

Reichsthaler, HamburgLot 302
City. Reichsthaler 1687.
Very rare. Nearly Extremely Fine
Estimate: 4,000 €

Reichsthaler, HamburgLot 320
City. Reichsthaler 1717, on the Bicentenary of the Reformation.
Rare. Good Extremely Fine
Estimate: 1,500 €


Guldengroschen, MagdeburgLot 345
Albrecht IV of Brandenburg.
Guldengroschen 1527, Magdeburg.
Very rare. Very Fine
Estimate: 2,000 €

Double thaler, MagdeburgLot 420
City. Thick double thaler n. d. (1549), on the Augsburg Interim.
Probably unique. Very Fine
Estimate: 4,000 €

Hexagonal 1.25 reichsthalerklippe, MagdeburgLot 423
City. Hexagonal 1 1/4 reichsthalerklippe 1622.
So-called hurenkarrenthalerklippe.
Probably unique. Very Fine
Estimate: 3,000 €

Reichsthaler, MagdeburgLot 425
City. Reichsthaler 1617, on the Centenary of the Reformation.
Very rare. Good Very Fine
Estimate: 1,250 €

1.25 reichsthaler, MagdeburgLot 428
City. 1 1/4 reichsthaler 1673, with countermark.
Very rare. Very Fine
Estimate: 4,000 €

Half reichsthaler, MagdeburgLot 447
City. 1/2 reichsthaler (12 groschen) 1571.
3rd known specimen. Good Very Fine
Estimate: 2,500 €


Double schilling, MindenLot 476
Francis I of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.
Double shilling n. d.
Very rare. Very Fine
From the Marowsky Collection.
Estimate: 500 €

Three pfennig siege money, MindenLot 500
The Siege of Minden during the Thirty Years‘ War.
Copper-3 pfennig 1634.
Very rare. Very Fine
Estimate: 1,000 €


Reichsthaler, QuedlinburgLot 506
Abby. Dorothea of Saxony.
Broad reichsthaler 1617, Quedlinburg.
Very Fine to Extremely Fine
Estimate: 1,500 €


Mariengroschen, RegensteinLot 545
Ernest I Botho and Caspar Ulrich.
Mariengroschen n. d. (1563/1564), Blankenburg.
Probably unpublished. Nearly Very Fine
Estimate: 250 €


Best regards from Osnabrück,

Your Künker team
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