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Lucky: Palau Silver Coin Features Real Four Leaf Clover


An Ounce of Luck…

Few lucky symbols are as common as the four-leaf clover. Coin Invest Trust annually issues a highly popular collector coin with a real, embedded cloverleaf. The 2015 issue is now available.

palausilvercoinWhat do we wish for the people that are closest to our hearts? Health. Happinness. And luck. For centuries, the four-leaf clover has been one of the most popular lucky symbols. It is because we believe that the symbols representing luck should be as rare as luck itself that the four-leaf clover is so fitting. Only due to a genetic mutation do some plants grow four leaves instead of the usual three. But who has ever been lucky enough to find one of these rarities on a meadow? And, once plucked, how long would it even last?

The real four-leaf clover that Coin Invest Trust has embedded in its coin remains forever green and always reminds its owner of the luck that the giver wished him. The coin’s legend reads «better an ounce of luck than a pound of gold». For those who treasure precious metals just as much as luck let it be said that every clover is embedded in one ounce of fine silver.


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