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Modern Chinese Varieties: 2002 Gold Panda Frosted and Mirrored Branches


By David J. Camire for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation….
Due to the overwhelming popularity of modern Chinese coins, there has been steady increase and interest in varieties.

NGC is at the forefront of actively attributing and listing new varieties of modern Chinese coins. To date, NGC recognizes and attributes more than 90 varieties, including small and large dates/mintmarks, frosted and mirrored devices, doubled dies, etc.

In order for a variety to be considered for a listing by NGC it must meet two criteria:

  1. It must be a significant (easily distinguishable) die variation. Late die states, over-polished dies and other minor die anomalies will not be considered.
  2. The coin must be physically verified by NGC in person. Photos, although useful, will not be accepted as evidence of a distinct variety.

NGC currently attributes all small and large date Pandas as well as certain other varieties at no additional fee. Please refer to the VarietyPlus® page on the NGC website for helpful attribution information and additional details.

To assist collectors, NGC will feature a China Variety of the Month in each eNewsletter with images that identify the differences between the varieties.

This month, NGC will highlight the frosted and mirrored branched varieties of 2002 Gold Panda coins.

Mirrored branch pandaThis Panda variety is known for all five gold denominations (¥20, ¥50, ¥100, ¥200, and ¥500) Pandas. The difference is seen just below the two branches of .999 along the rim. On the mirrored variety, the four branches have a mirrored surface. NGC will denote this as MIRRORED BRANCHES.

mirrored branches close up
Mirrored Branches close up.

As one might expect, the branches are frosted on the other variety and blend into the background of the coin. NGC will denote this as FROSTED BRANCHES.

Frosted Branches Close Up
Frosted Branches close up.

Next month, we will feature the 1995 5 oz Silver 50 Yuan Return of Taiwan – Island Proof varieties.

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