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Modern Quarters Worth Money

By CoinWeek ….

Have you ever looked through your change, wondering if any of the coins you have might be valuable? Some of them are. And while they won’t necessarily make you rich, they are worth more than their face value of 25 cents. So, in the purest spirit of coin collecting, here are five modern U.S. quarters that you can find in change that are worth money.

San Francisco Mint Washington Quarters, 2012-Present

2014-S Shenandoah Quarter. Image: United States Mint.
2014-S Shenandoah Quarter. Image: United States Mint.

While the San Francisco Mint is best known for producing the United States Mint’s modern Proof coinage, it began minting circulation-strike quarters in 2012. Available through the Mint’s website, these quarters are sold in bags, rolls, and other similar product options only to collectors. But while they aren’t intended for circulation, some may occassionally end up in pocket change.

San Francisco Mint circulation strike quarters with good eye appeal can be bought on websites like eBay for $3 to $5 USD apiece.

2020-W National Park Quarters with Privy Mark


2020 was the penultimate year of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. It was also the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. Under the leadership of Director David J. Ryder, the Mint placed a special 75th anniversary privy mark on collectors-only versions of circulation-strike quarters. The privy mark is in the shape of the Rainbow Pool, which is part of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.. Inside of the “pool” is the inscription V75: a “V” for Victory and “75” for 75 years.

The Mint struck two million of these coins at the West Point Mint and so the “W” mint mark serves as yet another way to distinguish these quarters from regular issues.

The five America the Beautiful quarters issued in 2020 feature reverse designs honoring National Park of American Samoa, Weir Farm National Historic Site (Connecticut), Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve (Virgin Islands), Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park (Vermont), and Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve (Kansas).

Nice examples of 2020-W AtB quarters with the V75 privy mark go for about $25 to $30 each.

50 State Quarters in Mint State

50 State Quarters. Image: Adobe Stock.
50 State Quarters. Image: Adobe Stock.

The original multi-year, multi-design U.S. quarter program, the 50 State Quarters, started in 1999 and ended in 2008 (with District of Columbia and United States Territories quarters being issued in 2009). An immensely popular program, it introduced hundreds of thousands of Americans to the hobby of coin collecting. At the time, finding each new quarter design in pocket change was an exciting novelty, and pieces with good eye appeal were quickly pulled out of circulation.

Today, not only is it surprisingly hard to find 50 State quarters in change, period, but raw Mint State examples worth more money are downright scarce. Especially valuable are Gem Mint State (65 and above) specimens from the first year of the program–Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut–which go for an average price of $5.

50 State Quarter Errors & Varieties

2004 Wisconsin Extra Leaf. Image: Stack's Bowers.
2004-D Wisconsin Extra Leaf. Image: Stack’s Bowers.

Over time, coin collectors have become aware of a handful of error coins in the 50 State quarter series – the most famous example being the 2004-D Extra Leaf Wisconsin quarter, which itself comes in High and Low varieties. Extra Leaf Low examples go for about twice as much as Extra Leaf High examples, most likely because the extra leaf is visually more dramatic on the Low version.

But be careful looking for raw coins on websites like eBay, where prices for more mundane errors can vary wildly.

Mint State Bicentennial Quarters

1976-D Washington Quarter.
The finest known 1976-D Washington Quarter. Image: Heritage Auctions / CoinWeek.

Like the 50 State quarters, the Bicentennial quarter is an extremely popular coin that has encouraged numerous collectors to get involved in the hobby. First struck in 1975 to celebrate the Bicentennial of U.S. Independence in 1976, generations of collectors have faithfully pulled Bicentennial quarters, half dollars, and dollars from circulation. And being relatively well known among the general public, it is often the subject of clickbait content.

In today’s market, a Bicentennial quarter is worth $6 to $10 in Gem Mint State condition.

Gem 1969 Quarters

1969 Washington Quarter. Image: Heritage Auctions.
1969 Washington Quarter. Image: Heritage Auctions.

Among this short list of modern (clad) quarters worth money, the 1969 Washington quarter struck in Philadelphia is one of the hardest to find in Gem Mint State. Most examples are poorly struck, and most higher Mint State specimens originally came from Mint Sets. Appropriately graded, this condition rarity is worth about $20 to $30 in Gem and above.

CoinWeek’s Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker analyzed the 1969 quarter in greater depth back in 2012, calling it the “key date you don’t know about.”

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  1. I have a 2005 buffalo nickel, and a 1769 an 1969 bicentennial quarter, an two more 1969 quarters with ths eagle head i. The other side , an 5 wheat back pennies.. one is a 1935 pennies.. wheat back.. ,, 1950 wheat back pennie… Ect..

    • I just started but frustrated. When I go to a Local Dealer he’s not interested. I know I have a few FINDS but I guess it’s not worth a lot of money he can rip me off with

  2. Glad to hear you’re enjoying coin collecting there are tons and tons of wheat back pennies in circulation looking you’ll find many more

  3. Love hunting coins and I always think of the history of the coin by its date many in the 70s when I was a teenager growing up and filled with excitement about living when my hormones were kicking in and the fun things that I did. Also wondering who handled the coin and what journey they went through.

  4. I have been having some I found a1922 penny and a 1923 Quarter and lot ot old quarters it fun maybe one day I will get lucky.

  5. Where can you actually cash in the coins for the value theses coin apps say they’re worth??? I have no clue about this but would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions! Thanks in advance

    • Value is subjective. Think of coins like art: they’re worth what someone is willing to pay for them. If they’re rare, such as a specific error that collectors actively search out, then their value increases. If they’re easy to come by and not made of silver or gold, they’re most likely not going to be worth much more than face value.

      I have a 10 lbs bag of wheat head cents that individually are listed on eBay for anywhere between $1-$1,000 but that doesn’t actually make a “rare 1941 cent NO MINT!!!!” actually valuable

  6. You’re already lucky in one sense and spend your money on what ever makes you happy that would be a lifetime movie and yes they ought to teach a history class on money and if you find a place to sell your coins for the price they say on some apps you’ll be rich if I left anyone out I apologize . Larry B.


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