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New Morgan Dollar Collectors’ Guide Published for the “WOW” List

New Morgan dollar variety book seeks to wow collectors by selecting the most impressive VAMs.

The “WOW” list is a group of sixty varieties of Morgan dollars that were originally put together for the beginning collector and contains coins that are easily identified.

“I have only been into VAMs since around 2009 and I was pretty overwhelmed by all the ‘stuff’ there is to know,” said Robert M. Franklin, author of the new WOW set guide.

wowlistThere was a lot of chatting on VAMworld, the internet site for VAM collectors, about creating a ‘beginner’s set’,” Franklin added. He said as a result of the conversations he began keeping track of the various types of VAMs and then asked those on VAM- world to name the coins they thought had a wow factor that would entice the new collector and spark interest in VAM collecting.

“My initial list was 40 coins,”

Franklin said. “When the number hit 60, I figured that was more than enough for anyone to chase after—let alone a beginner.

“I think one of the coolest things I took notice of as the set came together is that there are enough coins in it that are already on other list sets to give experienced guys a head start and maybe spark their interest in completing the set. They could discover some of the less well-known VAMs that are in there.

“In other words, the WOW set seems like the kind of set everyone can enjoy.”

Franklin‟s new book consists of 77 full color pages in a spiral bound 8.5” by 11” format.

“It was,” he said, “designed for simplicity and ease of use, since one of the set goals is to draw new collectors.”

Many of the pictures used in the book are of the whole side of the coin, showing the viewer where to find the major pick-up-points. “This,” Franklin said, “ is to keep the perspective as close to ‘in hand’ as possible.”

The book sells for $25 and can be purchased from Frank- lin directly by email at [email protected]. The book is also available at

The Pennsylvania native says his writing of a hobby book is just a continuation of a family tradition: his mother, Rose, published a book in 2012 for another hobby. It‟s title? Fast Track Butterfly Gardening.

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