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Next Generation Australian Banknotes: Tactile Feature for the Visually Impaired


By the Reserve Bank of Australia….
Glenn Stevens, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, announced on February 13, 2015 that the next generation of Australian banknotes will include a ‘tactile’ feature to assist people with a vision impairment.

As previously announced, existing features to help the vision impaired that tell the difference between different denominations of Australian banknotes will be maintained on the new series. These include: bright colors; large and bold numbers; and different sizes for each denomination of banknote.

The Bank will also continue to fund the production of the ‘cash test card’. The addition of a tactile feature will further assist people with vision impairments to tell the difference between denominations.

This decision is the culmination of extensive research by the Bank into whether an effective and durable tactile marking could be included on Australian banknotes. This included consultation with the vision-impaired community, other stakeholders and overseas central banks.

The testing and trial process for the next generation of banknotes is ongoing and designs have not yet been finalized. Details about the new designs, release dates, and how they will be issued will be released in a timely way, so that the public can be confident they understand how to recognize and use the new banknotes.


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