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Numismatic Literary Guild Announces 2021 Award Winners

Numismatic Literary Guild Announces 2021 Award Winners

Complete List of Award Winners

By Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) ……
Esteemed researcher and award-winning numismatic author Roger W. Burdette is this year’s recipient of The Clemy, the highest honor given by the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG).

“The Clemy is a coveted, annual award presented in recognition of writing skill, dedication to numismatics, sense of humor and dedication to the Numismatic Literary Guild,” explained former NLG Executive Director Ron Guth.

Founded in 1968, the NLG is a nonprofit organization open to any editors, reporters, authors, writers, catalogers, webmasters, bloggers or producers of audio or video involving all forms of money, medals, tokens, and other numismatic collectibles. Information about applying for NLG membership is available online at www.NLGonline.org/membership.

The organization’s annual awards were announced on August 6, 2021. The video presentation, produced by current NLG Executive Director Charles Morgan, can be viewed below.


The following is a list of the 2021 award categories and winners as compiled by NLG Awards Coordinator David W. Lange.

* * *


United States or Early American Coins

  • The Confident Carson City Coin Collector – Rusty Goe

Ancient or Medieval Coins (pre-1500)

  • Money and Power in Hellenistic Bactria – Simon Glenn

World Coins (1500 to Date)

  • A Legacy of Collection: The NC Collection of Chinese Coins – Nelson Chang

Paper Money

  • A Guide Book of Continental Currency and Coins – Q. David Bowers

Tokens & Medals

  • Old Regime France and its Jetons – James E. McClellan III

Numismatic Investment or Marketplace

  • Cash in Your Coins – Beth Deisher

Numismatic History or Personalities

  • Coin Collecting Albums, Volume 3, Whitman Publishing Company – David W. Lange


  • The Confident Carson City Coin Collector – Rusty Goe


United States Coins – Early

  • “Were Some Proof Trade Dollars Struck as Medals?” – Roger W. Burdette – Coin World

United States Coins – Modern

  • “New Light Shed on Mysterious Past of 1913 Liberty Head Nickel” – Robert Van Ryzin – Numismatic News

Ancient or Medieval Coins (pre-1500)

  • “Libertas and Freedom from Financial Burden in the Reigns of Trajan and Hadrian” – Nathan T. Elkins – American Journal of Archaeology

World Coins (1500 to Date)

Paper Money

Tokens & Medals

  • “A Maine to Remember” – David Schenkman – TAMS Journal

Numismatic Investment or Marketplace

  • “Reimagining Coin Collecting and Investing” – Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez – COINage

Numismatic History or Personalities

  • “Collecting American Colonial Coins in 18th Century England” – Jeff Rock – Journal of Early American Numismatics


United States Coins – Early

  • “USA Coin Album” – David W. Lange – The Numismatist

United States Coins – Modern

Ancient or Medieval Coins (pre-1500)

  • “NGC Ancients” – Numismatic Guaranty Corporation – NGC eNews

World Coins (1500 to Date)

  • “World Coins on the Block” – Jeff Starck – Coin World

Paper Money

  • “Uncoupled” – Fred Schwan & Joseph Boling – Paper Money

Tokens & Medals

  • “Tokens & Medals” – David Schenkman – The Numismatist

Numismatic Investment or Marketplace

  • “Weekly Market Report” – Jeff Garrett – NGC eNews

Numismatic History or Personalities

  • “It’s News to Me” – Donn Pearlman – COINage


Best Investment Newsletter (tie for first)

  • Liberty’s Outlook – Patrick A. Heller, editor
  • Rosen Numismatic Advisory – Maurice Rosen, editor

Best Professional Periodical

  • Alaskan Token Collector & Polar Numismatist – Dick Hanscom, editor

Best Club or Not-for-Profit Periodical – Large Circulation

  • The Numismatist – Caleb Noel, editor

Best Club or Not-for-Profit Periodical – Small Circulation

  • Paper Money – Benny Bolin, editor


Best Online News Website

Best Dealer or Industry Website

Best Non-Trade Website

Best Numismatic Social Media Platform or Coin Collector Forum

Best Blog


Best U.S. Coin Auction Catalog

  • Donald G. Partrick Collection – Heritage Auctions

Best World Coin Auction Catalog

  • Paramount Collection – Heritage Auctions

Best Paper Money Auction Catalog

  • Mike Coltrane Collection – Heritage Auctions

Best Book or Exonumia Auction Catalog (tie for first)

  • Charles Opitz Collection – Kagin’s Auctions
  • Richard Margolis Library – Kolbe & Fanning



  • The Planchet, featuring David Hendin – American Numismatic Society


  • Money Talks – American Numismatic Society

Still Photography

  • Halley’s Comet – Michael A. Kodysz – ANA eLearning Academy

Software or App


James A. Miller Award – Article or Story of the Year

  • “Collecting American Colonial Coins in 18th Century England” – Jeff Rock – Journal of Early American Numismatics

Lee Martin Founder’s Award – Best All-Around Portfolio

  • Steve Roach

The Ribbit

  • Douglas Winter

The Clemy

  • Roger W. Burdette

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  1. “The Coin Analyst” – Louis Golino – CoinWeek.com
    I always enjoys Lou’s articles – keep up the good pensmanship !

    BTW – awaiting your analysis & writeup on the recent Morgan Peace reissues. Thanks

  2. I have a serious question about an omission… Under Numismatic Columns/ Numismatic investment or Marketplace, you have NGC’s Weekly Market Report and only list Jeff Garrett… Jim Bisognani authors the same Weekly Market Report every other week- Shouldn’t this have been a joint award/recognition? I enjoy both, but I do find Mr. B’s more newsworthy and varied.. L. Gerrish


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