Heritage Offers Aberon Collection of Virginia Obsolete Banknotes
Heritage Offers Aberon Collection of Virginia Obsolete Banknotes

Open for bidding now at Heritage is an auction of the Aberon Collection of Virginia Obsolete Banknotes, one of our month-long auctions intended for collectors of all numismatic budgets.

The live auction will begin at 7 PM on Friday, July 31.

This fascinating collection consists of 464 notes, mostly from the 1850s and ’60s, including some from cities in the area that would eventually become West Virginia.

The star of this auction is the Charlottesville, VA- Monticello Bank $9 July 1, 1861, graded Choice Fine 15 by PMG, an excessively rare odd denomination note that is seldom encountered. The reason for the existence of these odd denomination notes was to provide an alternative for making change. A $9, for example, could be paid out to someone who was making a $1 purchase with a $10 note. This note was issued just weeks after Virginia was admitted to the Confederacy when the bank had transitioned to issuing unregistered notes for circulation. Demand for this denomination was such that the bank did not have its design modified but simply put notes in circulation without the state treasurer’s countersignature.

As a bonus to great rarity, this note is in fully issued form and is free of repairs and any meaningful condition distractions.

Some of the other notes in this auction include:

Bid in this auction now at currency.HA.com.


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