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Pobjoy Mint to Close at End of 2023

The Pobjoy Mint will close at the end of 2023.
The Pobjoy Mint will close at the end of 2023.

By CoinWeek News Staff ….
By the end of 2023, the Pobjoy Mint will be closing, and Managing Director Taya Pobjoy will be retiring from the business. The company’s remaining releases for the year have been moved up so that customers can complete various sets and obtain any other coins they were looking forward to buying. Pobjoy’s website and customer service will continue to operate only through the month of November, which means that all orders will be processed and coins shipped out before December.

“I’ve made the big decision to retire this year,” said Tara Pobjoy. “My prime objective is to give the customers our service until the end and to make sure that they get a complete year because we all know that coin collecting is an annual thing with a date change. So it’s been very much on my mind when making this decision to make sure I give a good service to the very end to my customers.”

As Managing Director since 1998, few active Mint Directors have served as long as Ms. Pobjoy has, and she currently holds the record for the longest-serving female Mint Director.

Pobjoy Mint is also sending a limited-edition 2023 Top 100 medal to collectors who purchased products this year (including through November). Founded in 1965 by Derek Pobjoy, the medal commemorates the small, family-run private mint’s 58 years of producing numismatic collectibles, bullion, and legal tender for various countries around the world.

One of the longest of such relationships Pobjoy has had is with the Isle of Man, a British Crown Dependency in the Irish Sea. The first circulating coinage that the Mint manufactured was for the island in 1970, and over the decades Pobjoy has issued the Isle of Man’s famous Angel and Noble gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins – as well as a popular series of crowns featuring cats.

Of course, fans of the world’s wildlife–especially penguins–could always count on Pobjoy for coins featuring their favorite animals. Many of these items also feature numismatic innovations that Pobjoy was first to bring to the global market, such as the first commercially available coin struck in a titanium alloy (Gibraltar, 1999).

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