U.S. Mint News – Four Piece Silver Medal Set Pricing Announced

United States Mint 2017 Liberty Silver Medal Set

By CoinWeek News Staff ….

According to the Federal Register on Tuesday, September 12, the United States Mint has announced its price for the 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Four-Piece Silver Medal Set. The initial retail price for each set is $199.95 USD.

The set will be available for order on the Mint’s website on October 19.

The four medals include a Proof medal from the San Francisco Mint; a Reverse Proof from Philadelphia; a regular Uncirculated medal from Denver; and a laser-frosted Enhanced Uncirculated medal from West Point. All four medals feature an African-American Lady Liberty on the obverse and an eagle flying from left to right on the reverse. Barring mint marks and Congressionally mandated inscriptions for legal tender coinage, the design is the same as the 2017 American Liberty High-Relief Gold Coin.

The Mint also released an individual one-ounce silver Proof medal from the Philadelphia Mint back on June 14, and as you can see from CoinWeek’s unboxing video below, the medal came in sturdy and handsome protective packaging.

Dividing the set’s initial price by four gives an approximate price-per-medal of $49.99. Compare this to the Philadelphia Proof medal’s original retail cost of $59.95.

The following ultra-high-definition footage of all four medals in the set–as well as the gold coin and the Philly standalone Proof medal–was filmed at the 2017 Whitman Spring Coin Expo, which took place March 30 through April 2 in Baltimore, Maryland:


American Liberty High-Relief Silver Medal OGP Currently Available on eBay


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