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Results & Highlights From Brunk Auctions’ Premier Sale of US Coins in Richmond, VA

By Brunk Auctions ……
It was a warm welcome from the River City at Brunk Auctions’ first premier sale in Virginia on November 9. With an impressive 94% sell-through rate and a $1,843,275 sale total, the auction was a resounding success. Coins and Currency captured a full 35% of the final total and posted a 100% sell through rate.

Notable results included the 1799 and 1803 U.S. Ten Dollar Gold Coins, which sold for $28,160 and a Group of Eight Draped Bust Silver Dollars, which more than doubled its presale estimate of $10,000-$12,000, selling for a total of $27,060. Thirteen 20th-Century Gold Double Eagle Coins generated enthusiasm among bidders on the floor, phones, and internet and finished at a $23,370 total.

Coins and Currency Specialist Greg Capps remarked that “coin collectors and dealers alike were very pleased with the range of coins that were new to market and the bidding reflected this … we enjoyed meeting the excitement and anticipation of the annual Baltimore Winter Expo with strong selections of our own.”

Coins and Currency highlights in the December 5-7 premier auction in Asheville include an 1836 Gobrecht Silver Dollar, Lot 1291, estimated at $5,000-$7,000. As a type coin, Gobrecht Dollars represent the most difficult U.S. silver dollar to acquire within that series, making Lot 1291 a particularly desirable one.

Other notable highlights on offer include 2,000 Silver Quarters, Lot 1297, estimated at $4,000-$5,000; and 1,000 Older Silver Half Dollars, Lot 1290, estimated at $4,000-$5,000.

Collectors may also find Over Twenty Educational Coin Trays, Lot 1286, to be a delightful gift for the new collector. These custom-made trays are replete with U.S. and foreign coins, from Roman to modern, and are arranged by country and theme. Also of interest is an Original Hobo Nickel, Lot 1288. This engraved nickel, authenticated by Bill Fivaz, is at once a fine example of a particular numismatic collecting area and an excellent sample of early 20th-century Folk art. For more information about these lots or the upcoming auction, visit us in Asheville or online at

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