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The Saddle Ridge Buried Treasure Gold Coin Story. VIDEO

David McCarthy, Numismatist, Kagin’s, Inc.
Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com………

How the Saddle Ridge Gold Treasure Was Found. VIDEO: 3:11

Just exactly how does someone find a buried treasure? Find out from the person who dealt with the people who discovered the Saddle Ridge Treasure.


The Saddle Ridge Buried Treasure Gold Coin Story. VIDEO: 12:45

Imagine being the numismatist to get the call from someone who wanted to have a coin examined. Imagine that the coin was found in a can in a field along with more than a thousand other coins and they are the greatest buried treasure find in the history of America. David McCarthy experienced this situation. Hear from him the chronicle of events that brought to market the most exciting treasure find ever.

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