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Sedwick Treasure, World and U.S. Coin Auction 31 Live May 4-6

Sedwick Treasure, World and U.S. Coin Auction 31 Live May 4-6

By Daniel Frank Sedwick LLC ……
Welcome to our 31st Treasure Auction, a sale filled with many historical numismatic rarities from many eras all across the world!

Session I

We start off Session I with Gold Cobs, featuring a selection of excellent certified Mint State gold escudos from the 1715 Fleet including a Lima, Peru 8 escudos dated 1713 M (lot 44); two different types of the Mexico 8 escudos 1714 J GRAT variety: one with 1714 on the reverse and the other with 1714/GRAT on the obverse (lots 33 and 34); a Lima, Peru 8 escudos 1709 M with HISPANIA legend variety from the Pullin Collection, and the finest known Bogotá, Colombia 2 escudos dated 1712 (lot 60).

Among the non-Fleet shipwreck gold cobs, we have the rare Lima, Peru 8 escudos dated 1715 M from the Loosdrecht (1719), along with a Lima, Peru 4 escudos dated 1750 R with the cross side struck from an 8 escudos die recovered from the Luz (1752).

Our Shipwreck Ingots section contains several notable pieces including an impressive early New World “tumbaga” gold bar weighing 1,222 grams from the “Tumbaga Wreck” (ca. 1528) (lot 65); a beautiful gold disk weighing 216.4 grams from the 1715 Fleet (lot 69); and two cut segments of gold “finger” bars from the Atocha (1622) (lots 67 and 68). These gold bars, along with the massive silver bars and numerous coins in this sale, are sure to attract significant interest given this year is the 400th anniversary of the sinking of the Atocha and Santa Margarita on September 6, 1622 off the Florida Keys.

Most notable among the section Shipwreck Coins (1500s-1650s) is the 1622-dated Seville, Spain cob 2 escudos from the Santa Margarita, which is a cover coin in Duncan Mathewson’s iconic work, Treasure of the Atocha (1986) (lot 169) – along with a partially dated and graded Seville, Spain cob 2 escudos from the Atocha and a Choice, fully dated Bogotá, Colombia cob 4 reales dated 1622 A, pedigreed to both the Atocha Research Collection and the Pat Johnson Collection (lot 164).

Other important lot offered under Shipwreck Coins (1660s-1740s) include a Potosí, Bolivia cob 8 reales dated 1714 Y from the pirate ship Whydah (1717) (lot 271) and a large variety of reales from the ever-popular 1715 Fleet.

Finally, under Shipwreck Coins (1750s-1900s), there is a US $20 double eagle dated 1861 from the SS Pewabic (1865) (lot 345).

Session II

As we start Session II with Mexico Silver Cobs, we’re pleased to host our first offering of selections from the Clyde Hubbard Collection of Charles-Joanna Coinage as lots 360 to 494 – including the finest-ever offering of “Late Series” 1/2R. This collection, assembled by the late expert numismatist over 70-plus years, represents his life’s work in acquiring New World rarities such as the finest graded “Early Series” 3 reales of assayer R (lot 366), the rare “Late Series” 4 reales of assayer S (lot 428), and a high-grade “Early Series” 2 reales with assayer R (Latin variety) (lot 368).

In Lima Silver Cobs, we have a rare and Choice Philip II 4 reales of assayer X (lot 548) in addition to other Lima cob rarities.

Potosí Silver Cobs contains a large selection of rare Royals, from the finest NGC-graded 8 reales Royal dated 1729 M to the elusive 8 reales Royal dated 1712 Y. Pay particular attention to the two unique Potosí “Hearts” of the sale: a 1720 Y 4 reales Heart from the Pat Johnson Collection and the 1721 Y 4 reales Heart plated in the Practical Book of Cobs.

Session III

The second day of our auction starts with World Coins, containing Latin American gold rarities such as the finest La Rioja, Argentina 8 escudos dated 1845 RB (lot 679); the very rare Argentina 1834 P 8 escudos (lot 668); and the exquisite and finest prooflike Santiago, Chile 10 pesos dated 1863/2 (lot 720).

Several impressive Spanish rarities in the sale include the very rare Seville-minted gold 4 escudos of Charles II dated 1700 M (lot 1107); the difficult Segovia-minted gold 8 escudos of Philip V dated 1721/19 F (lot 1109), and the Mint State Madrid-minted gold 320 reales de vellon of Ferdinand VII dated 1822 SR (lot 1130).

Session IV

In Session IV, the Medals and Decorations offering contains several important pieces such as the Philippines gilt-silver medal of Charles III from 1782 engraved by Gerónimo Antonio Gil (lot 1218); the Peru silver-plated bronze essai medal dated 1824 commemorating the Liberation of Ayacucho (lot 1216); and the Guatemala silver proclamation medal of Ferdinand VII from 1808 (lot 1207).

We’re excited to offer the second part of Admiral Vernon medals from the John Adams Collection here as well.

Following that, in U.S. Coins, we have a strong assortment of better and high-grade Morgan dollars in the Blakewood Collection as well as other rarities like the 1851 San Francisco Standard Mint nickel alloy pattern $5 (lot 1267) and the Dahlonega gold $5 half eagle 1841-D with very rare tall mintmark variety (lot 1227).

You’ll notice that there is no US and World Paper Money following US coins; we are hosting our first ever exclusive US and World Paper Money Auction on July 1 of this year; interested consignors should contact us by May 31 to take advantage of our new auction.

Session V

Several important and beautifully designed rarities are present in Ancient Coins, like the Aegina silver stater from 350-338 BC with a high relief land tortoise design (lot 1272); the Carthage gold stater from 320-310 BC formerly in the British Museum Collection (lot 1289); and the Byzantine gold solidus of Justinian II with a well-defined depiction of Christ (lot 1297).

Coin Jewelry is decorated with lots of shipwreck coins in mounts ready for wearing, including a Lima, Peru gold cob 8 escudos dated 1711 M from the 1715 Fleet (lot 1304) and a Grade 1 Potosí, Bolivia cob 4 reales of assayer Q from the Atocha (1622) (lot 1326).

Our Shipwreck Artifacts hosts several amazing and rare pieces recovered from the 1715 Fleet: an intact gold and red-coral rosary (lot 1364); a 56” long gold olive blossom chain (lot 1365); and a historically significant 20-karat gold ring engraved inside with the Prayer of Saint Zacharias (lot 1366).

Within Non-Wreck Artifacts, there’s a veritable antique armory of two cannons (lots 1381 and 1382), along with several European flintlock pistols of various designs and calibers (lots 1384 to 1389).

Session V

On the third day, the Express Session VI contains almost 500 lots of coins, medals, and artifacts drawn from all categories.

We hope you enjoy this auction and walk away with some new treasures for your collection; our sincere thanks to all consignors who made this possible!

* * *

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Daniel Frank Sedwick
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Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC is one of the world’s premier specialist companies in the colonial coinage of Spanish America, shipwreck coins, and artifacts of all nations. Their auctions offer live bidding on the dedicated website auction.sedwickcoins.com, with live video feed for floor auctions, lot-closing alerts, secure payment, and more.

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