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U.S. Mint Lowers Prices for Some 2016 Products


By CoinWeek News Staff….
Look at the pricing table below… notice a trend?

On Wednesday, January 20, The United States Mint announced that it would be changing prices for some of its 2016 products. All eight items will now be available for purchase at lower prices than last year.

Affected products include:

  • The 2016 U.S. Mint Proof and Silver Proof Sets;
  • The regular Uncirculated Set;
  • The Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set;
  • The Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set;
  • The Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set:
    • (incl. three Presidential $1 coins, one Native American $1 coin, and one American Silver Eagle);
  • Two Presidential $1 Three-Coin Sets (P & D)
2016 United States Mint pricing change table
Data courtesy United States Mint

*Presidential $1 Four-Coin Sets were released in previous years, but this is the same product.

The 2016 Presidential One Dollar Coin Proof Set will be the first item in this list to go on sale, with a scheduled release date of February 16. The Presidential Uncirculated Set will go on sale March 29.

The Presidential Dollar Three-Coin Sets–one set minted in Philadelphia (P) and one minted in Denver (D)–consist of the three remaining presidents eligible for commemoration in the series: Nixon, Ford and Reagan. Release is set for August but no date has been scheduled.

The Mint has yet to determine release dates for the Uncirculated, Annual Uncirculated Dollar, Proof and Silver Proof Sets.

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