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United States Mint Launches New Coin Educational Games

United States Mint - H.I.P. Pocket Change - Games for Kids

The United States Mint proudly announces the release of its newest educational game: Counting with Coins. This game teaches basic math concepts and coin identification for grades K-2 in a fun grocery store setting.

Counting with Coins is one of six new games on the bureau’s redesigned H.I.P. Pocket Change website for children and educators, which re-launched in January 2018. Other games include:

  • Hoop and Darts – a challenging game rooted in Native American traditions which allows players to choose different settings and play modes
  • Plinky’s Presidential Challenge – a fun trivia game to learn the order of the U.S. presidents
  • Coin Memory Match – a classic matching game using the coins of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program, which features U.S. national parks
  • Making Change – an art game where users can design their own coins while learning about coin terminology
  • Peter the Eagle’s Coin Drop – a fun flying game where players deliver liberty loans by flying a WWI-era plane

The United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change games can be played as part of a classroom lesson or for individual enrichment. Visit our Kids Site athttps://www.usmint.gov/kids to learn more!

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