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World Coins – Portugal Issues New €2.50 Barcelos Figures Collector Coin


By Central Bank of Portugal …..
The Central Bank of Portugal (Banco de Portugal) will put a cupronickel-alloy collector coin into circulation from 15 November 2016 entitled ‘O Figurado de Barcelos’ (Barcelos sculpted figures), within the ‘Portuguese Ethnography’ series. The coins have a face value of €2.50.

The new circulating commemoratives will be distributed to the public through credit institutions and the Central Bank of Portugal’s cash offices.


The ‘O Figurado de Barcelos’ coin is only legal tender in Portugal (not in the rest of the eurozone) and has the following features:

On the obverse:

  • In the middle, the Portuguese coat of arms, framed by eight Barcelos cockerels, forming a circumference, surrounded by the words ‘Portugal’ and ‘2016’.

On the reverse:

  • At the bottom, a set of figures entitled bestiário (bestiary), typical of Barcelos;
  • Around the upper edge, the words ‘Figurado de Barcelos’ and the face value.

The characteristics of this coin were approved by Executive Order No 64-B/2016, published in the Official Gazette, Series I – No 63 of 31 March. The issue limit was set at 75,000 coins with normal finish.

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