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World Gold Coin Profile – Gold Doubloons from the Guatemala Mint

Gold Doubloons

Today we introduce you two extremely rare Gold Doubloons of Ferdinand VI from the Guatemala Mint, that Tauler and Fau hammered in Floor Auction 30, that was held on May 29, 2019 in Madrid. There is practically no precedent in which two specimens of this type appears in the same auction.

Floor Auction 30. Lot 404. Ferdinand VI (1746-1759). 8 escudos. 1754. Guatemala. J. (Cal-4). (Cal onza-551). Au. 26,80 g. Rests of original luster. Minor marks. First coin struck with a milled coinage in this mint. Extremely rare Gold Doubloons. Almost extremely fine.

Hammer Price: 27.000,00 € ($30.000,00


Floor Auction 30. Lot 405. Ferdinand VI (1746-1759). 8 escudos. 1755. Guatemala. J. (Cal-5). (Cal onza-552). Au. 27,00 g. Rests of original luster. Extremely rare, even more in this grade. Almost extremely fine.

Hammer Price: 24.000,00 € ($26.500,00)

The two Gold Doubloons minted with a milled coinage. We have the pleasure to introduce you two spectacular Gold Doubloons, from Guatemala Mint. From the two first years in which this mint coined with the milled coinage technique (29th of March of 1754 order), as in earlier dates they were hammer minted.

This old Mint was based in what is now the city of Antigua, where, unfortunately, in 1773 a series of earthquakes caused the change of this mint to its new settlement in Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción. The first release of the new type of coins was the 29th of March of 1754; José Eustaquio de León y Sosa, is the responsible for the trial of this Mint, marking with a J until 1757.

With the milled coinage also appears, the bust of Ferdinand VI in lieu of Philip´s. There are two types of bust for this coinage, in which three dates are known: 1754, 1755 and 1757, all of extreme rarity. The two Gold Doubloons specimens that we introduce you belong to the first type, with the small head and the chest widens at the lower part. This design was abandoned years before in Madrid and Sevilla (1747 and 1748) and was still in use in Mexico (1748-1756) and Santiago de Chile (1750-1759). On the other hand, at mints such as Popayan, Lima and Santa Fe, it was never used.

All the coinings in gold from this mint are extremely rare and there are only models of 8 escudos, 4 escudos (1755) and the dates 1751, 1755 and 1757 for 1 escudo coinage.


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