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World Coin Profiles: 1970 Algeria 5 Centimes F.A.O. Coin

1970 Algeria 5 Centimes Obverse


Algeria is a predominantly Muslim country located on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. It’s neighbors to the east are Tunisia and Libya. To the west, Algeria borders Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and Mali. For a hundred years, Algeria was under the colonial control of France, which forced its control upon the people of Algeria through strict policing, the stationing of troops, and through political espionage.

France’s heavy-handed tactics led to the radicalization of the local population and shortly after the close of World War II, France found itself engaged in an intractable military conflict. After more than a decade of fighting, the French grew weary of fighting to maintain the status quo in the African colony. A referendum on the self-determination of Algeria was held in France in January 1961. The French overwhelmingly supported Algerian Independence and so, on July 3, 1962, the Algerians threw off the shackles of French control and regained control over their national destiny.

As is the case with many former colonies, systemic problems within the country’s economic, ecological, and agricultural infrastructure emerged.

Algeria joined the F.A.O. in 1963 to tackle many of these problems.

In 1969, the Algerian government developed a four-year plan to tackle the country’s food security needs. An agrarian revolution was undertaken, one that delivered results that were less than hoped for.

Subsequently, Algeria enacted another four-year plan from 1974-1977, and two sets of five-year plans (1980-1985, 1985-1989) for Agricultural development.

The Coin

The 1970-1973 5 Centimes of Algeria is the first of two Algerian quadrennial plan 5 centimes coins struck for the F.A.O. series. The coin was struck for circulation at the Kremnica Mint in the Slovak region of Czechoslovakia. Quality varies on a piece by piece basis, with your typical issues of dull luster, metal impurities, and softness of strike appearing with regularity. Intermittently, this issue will be found to have weakness in the lettering due to die repairs. Also, striated planchets are common. The 1970-1973 5 Centimes, from a condition standpoint, suffers most in the obverse fields, which allow no hiding place for contact marks.

To date, the only example that either PCGS or NGC have graded was graded MS66 (plate coin). This example is far superior to the typical example found in F.A.O. albums and coin boards, which tend to fall in the choice to near gem grade range.

1970 Algeria 5 Centimes ReverseObverse:

The Arabic numeral 5 centered, surrounded by a ring of Arabic text, which translates to People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria; 5 Centimes. Inscription (Obverse): الجمهوريه الجزائرية الديمقراطية الشعبية ; ٥ خمسه سنتيمات

Reverse: The dual date 1970 1973, centered and located inside a wheel composed of a cog, an ear of wheat, and an olive branch. The dual date signifies the Algerian government’s quadrennial plan of 1970-1973 to modernize Algeria’s agriculture and alleviate the nation’s food security concerns.


Coin Specifications:

Country:  Algeria
Year Of Issue:  1970
Denomination: 5 Centimes
Mint:  Mincovňa Kremnica, Slovakia for Algeria
Mintage:  50,000
Alloy:  Aluminum
Weight:  1.5 grams
Diameter:  22 mm
OBV Designer  Mohamed Temmam
REV Designer  Mohamed Temmam
Quality:  Business Strike

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