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$250 Indian Head Cent / Wheat Cent Grab Bag

By CoinWeek …..

In this episode of CoinWeek Streaming News, CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan cracks open a bag of over 150 mixed date small cents he’d just bought on eBay. Usually, this is a bad idea; can you trust that an “unsearched” bag you’re purchasing over the internet is really unsearched? And what dealer (even one with a sterling reputation) is going to let a potentially valuable coin out of their grasp in a bulk sale?

Well, this time it’s different. Charles cut a deal with Rob Oberth, owner of Gold & Coin Exchange of Marietta, Georgia, and founder of the Great American Coin Hunt. Rob knew the bag would have to be good and promised he’d throw in some surprises.

But how good could a bag of “random” coins be? Did Charles get his money’s worth?

Watch and find out.

* * *

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  1. I have a few old coins from many years ago and not sure how to properly get them determined as to their value and possible rarity.


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