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$500 and $1000 Rainbow Notes Privately Sold

Sergio Sanchez, Jr., president of Sergio Sanchez Currency and Coins, Miami, Florida announces the private sale of two of the rarest and most desirable items in U. S. Currency. In a transaction where he represented both the buyer and seller, the 1869 $500 and $1000 bills which are pedigreed to Grinnell, Friedberg, and Amon Carter were sold for an undisclosed amount and both parties wish to remain anonymous.

These banknotes are two of the three rarest notes in U.S. currency, nicknamed the “triple crown.” The third note is the $1000 1891 Silver Certificate commonly known as the “Marcy note”. All three are unique in private hands. The complete set of eight rainbow notes from $1-$1000 was exhibited by Sanchez at the January, 2008 FUN show in Orlando Florida.

They were printed on special paper that had a vertical segment of blue color interspersed with a large number of silk fibers to deter counterfeiting. The combination of this paper with red serials numbers, Treasury seal, and the black main design gave rise to the term “rainbow note.”

When asked about the amount of the transaction, Sanchez stated that both parties agreed not to disclose the value “but it is in the millions of dollars”. “I was pleased to be able to arrange the sale between two major collectors. This is further evidence of the desirability and demand of rare U. S. currency.”

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For further information about these or other rare banknotes, Sergio can be reached at [email protected]

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