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Almost New – Don’t Be Fooled by This Dishonest Coin Grade

An image of a mock-up ad for a coin in Almost New condition.
Image: CoinWeek.


An “Almost New” coin is one that is, at best, in About Uncirculated condition and is being opportunistically marketed.

The term is similar in connotation to commemorative specialist Anthony Swiatek’s term “BU”, or “Barely Used”, and is credited to coin dealer Timothy K. Torpin (1951-2008). In use since the late 1970s, the term is no longer commonly used – except perhaps cynically or ironically.

It goes without saying (we hope) that it is not an official or widely recognized coin grade.

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Murbach, John Michael. “Coin Market Slang: Musings of an Idle Numismatist”. Published online (2006).

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