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Do Ancient Coins Need Third Party Grading? VIDEO: 3:44

Harlan J. Berk, Sam Spiegel, & David Vagi
Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com ……….

Grading ancient coins is still an area of controversy.  Old school numismatics believes that coins of antiquity are meant to be held and appreciated in a tactile fashion.

Third party grading is changing that perspective. Now ancients can be  graded by an independent third party with their grade and authenticity guaranteed.

Many new collectors see this as an advantage to their collecting. Hear some of the industry experts share their views.


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  1. I think there’s a bigger problem with fakes in this area of coin collecting, especially with beginners. So grading seems like a pretty positive thing in these cases. As for more experienced ancient collectors, it’s really up to them. But not everyone has the time and luxury to know what is and is not a fake ancient coin

  2. Mr. Bierrenbach & Mr. Berk both make good points in the above video. The value of an ancient coin is also a factor that should be weighed in deciding whether an ancient coin should be slabbed or not. Presently NGC offers an economy tier fee of $25 for coins valued at less than $300. These coins receive a basic description & grade. The standard tier fee is $40 for coins valued up to $3,000. This tier receives a full attribution, are graded, weighed, & analyzed for strike, surface quality, & style. Coins valued over $3,000 become much more expensive to slab. There is also an $8 fee per submission form & postage to & from to NGC to consider. Slabbing coins valued at less than $50 is probably a waste of money when you consider the cost factor.


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