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Atlas Numismatics Publishes their Newest Fixed-Price List

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 985 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed price. Selections include the following items:

Lustrous Choice Mint State Tralles Cistophorus
1032232 | GREEK. LYDIA. Tralles (Tralleis). Struck after circa 133 BC. AR Cistophorus. NGC Ch. MS (Choice Mint State) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. 12.59gm. Cista mystica within ivy wreath / Two serpents entwined around a bow and a bowcase, ??? to upper right, ???? between serpents. BMC 161.

Superb frosty surfaces, a common type but very rare in this quality.

Superb Croesus “Heavy” Stater, First Gold Coinage in the World
GREEK. LYDIA1033217 | GREEK. LYDIA. Croesus or Kroisos. (King, 561-546 BC). Struck circa 564/53-550/39 BC. AV Stater. NGC AU? (About Uncirculated ?) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. Sardes. 10.76gm. Confronted foreparts of lion and bull / Two incuse squares. Berk 2; Le Rider, Naissance, pl. V, 2; Traité I 396; BMC 30; Boston MFA 2068–9; Gulbenkian 756.

Heavy series. Lustrous and well-centered on a very generous planchet, exceptional.

Exceptional Pompey the Great Denarius

1032184 | ROMAN IMPERATORIAL. Pompey Magnus. (d. 48 BC). Posthumous issue, struck 44/3 BC. AR Denarius. NGC Ch. AU (Choice About Uncirculated) Strike 4/5 Surface 5/5 Fine Style. Rome. 4.00gm. NEPTVNI behind, bare head of Pompey the Great facing right, trident before, dolphin right below / Q NASIDIVS in exergue, galley with billowing sail and bank of rowers moving right; in upper left field, star. Crawford 483/2; HCRI 235; Sydenham 1350; RSC Pompey the Great 20. Very rare.

Ex-Tkalec Collection.

Delightful Julius Caesar Aureus
1019252 | ROMAN IMPERATORIAL. Julius Caesar. (Dictator, d. 44 BC). Struck circa 46 BC. AV Aureus. NGC MS? (Mint State ?) Strike 5/5 Surface 4/5. Rome. A. Hirtius, praetor. 8.06gm. C • CAESAR – COS • TER. Veiled head of Vesta, right / A HIRTIVS P R. Lituus, jug, and axe. Crawford 466/1; CRI 56; Sydenham 1017; Calicó 36.

Superb frosty luster, sharply struck and well-centered.

Vigorous Portrait of Vespasian
1032291 | ROMAN IMPERIAL. Vespasian. (Emperor, 69-79 AD). Struck 79 AD. AR Denarius. NGC Ch. AU (Choice About Uncirculated) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5 Fine Style. Rome. 3.46gm. IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG. Head of Vespasian, laureate, right / TR POT X COS VIIII. Statue of radiate male figure, holding spear and parazonium, standing on rostral column. C 559; BMC 254; RIC 1065; CBN 222.

An extraordinarily bold and expressive portrait. Exceptional.

Ex Aureo & Calicó sale 241, 2012, Pepe Fernandez Molina, 57.

Beautifully Toned Antoninus Pius Denarius
1018914 | ROMAN IMPERIAL. Antoninus Pius. (Emperor, 138-161 AD). Struck 148-149 AD. AR Denarius. NGC Ch. MS? (Choice Mint State ?) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. Rome. 3.18gm. ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P XII. Head of Antoninus Pius, laureate, right / COS IIII. Salus, draped, standing left, with patera in right hand feeding snake coiled round altar and holding rudder on globe in left. RIC 181; C. 281.

Superb iridescent toning.

Choice Mint State ? Lucius Verus Aureus
1032542 | ROMAN IMPERIAL. Lucius Verus. (Emperor, 161-169 AD). AV Aureus. NGC Ch. MS? (Choice Mint State ?) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. 7.29gm. L VERVS AVG ARM PARTH MAX. Bare-headed and cuirassed bust to right / TR P VII IMP IIII COS III. Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm. RIC 572; BMC 449 variant; C. 293; Calicó 2196.

Stunning and virtually as struck, one of the finest known Lucius Verus aurei.

Choice Mint State Marcus Aurelius Aureus
1031992 | ROMAN IMPERIAL. Marcus Aurelius. (Emperor, 161-180 AD). Struck 163 AD. AV Aureus. NGC Ch. MS (Choice Mint State) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. Rome. 7.06gm. · M · ANTONINVS AVG IMP II. Bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust of Aurelius right / SALVTI AVGVSTOR TR P XVII around. Salus standing left, holding scepter and feeding out of patera snake coiled around and rising from altar to left, COS III in exergue. RIC III 75; BMCRE 228; Calicó 1913.

Superb frosty high-relief surfaces, exceptional.

Gem Diocletian Argentus
1032642 | ROMAN IMPERIAL. Diocletian. (Emperor, 284-305 AD). Struck 294 AD. AR Argenteus. NGC Gem MS (Gem Mint State) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. 3.87gm. DIOCLETI ANVS AVG. Laureate head of Diocletian right / VICTORIA SARMAT. The four tetrarchs sacrificing over tripod before camp enclosure with eight turrets; pellet at middle of archway. RIC 34a; Jelocnik 4a.

Ex Jonathan K. Kern Collection.

Mint State Irene Solidus of Syracuse
1033044 | BYZANTINE. Irene. (Empress Regnant, 797-802 AD). AV Solidus. NGC MS (Mint State) Strike 5/5 Surface 4/5. Syracuse. 3.81gm. Bust of Irene wearing crown and loros, facing, holding globus cruciger and cruciform scepter, pellet in left field / Bust of Irene wearing crown and loros, facing, holding globus cruciger and cruciform scepter, “C” in left field, “I” in right field. cf. S-1602.

Very rare. Lustrous and exceptional for a Syracuse mint example.

Choice Proof “Lady-in-the-Clouds” 100 Corona
1033014 | AUSTRIA. Franz Joseph I. 1908 AV 100 Corona. NGC PR63 Cameo. Kremnitz. Head right / Resting figure of Fame (Lady in the clouds). KM-2812; Fr 514.

Struck to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the reign of Franz. Superb quality, deep mirrors and frosted devices.

Very Rare Central American Republic 8 Escudos
1033017 | CENTRAL AMERICAN REPUBLIC. 1833-CR F AV 8 Escudos. NGC MS61. San Jose, Costa Rica. Radiant sun with face above five mountains / Tree divides denomination. KM 17.

We note that a circulated PCGS AU50 example of the date realized $32,900 including Buyer’s Premium at public auction in August, 2014. Fully lustrous surfaces with corruscating cartwheel luster. The finest known example at both grading services and the only mint state example certified.

Mint State Hupeh Tael with Lovely Toning
1032391 | CHINA. Hupeh Province. Kuang-hsü. 30(1904) AR Tael. PCGS MS63. Ching. Kuang-hsü Yin-pi. Smaller inscription / HU-PEH PROVINCE. Two dragons forming circle. Y 128.2; LM 180.

1702 Denmark 4 Mark, One of the Finest Known
1032488 | DENMARK. Frederik IV. 1702 AR Krone, 4 Mark. NGC MS65. FRID · IIII · D · G · DAN · NOR · VA · GO · RE… Bust right / DOMINUS · MI HI · ADIUTOR ·. Three crowned double “F4” monograms, arms between. KM 448; Dav A1287.

Superb gem, one of the finest known examples of the type.

Unlisted Presentation Striking
1019028 | DENMARK. Christian IX. 1869 HC//CS Gold Chr(istians) D’or. PCGS SP65. Copenhagen. CHRISTIANVS IX D G DANIÆ V G REX. Head right / Crowned arms with supporters. KM 778; Fr-294.

539 pieces struck of the circulation issue (unrecorded as a specimen). Stunning deeply mirrored gem with some light die polish; exceedingly rare and possibly unique as a presentation or specimen striking.

Exceedingly Rare Pattern 2 Reales of Ecuador, 2 Pieces Known
ECUADOR. 1862-QUITO GJ AR Pattern 2 Reales1032509 | ECUADOR. 1862-QUITO GJ AR Pattern 2 Reales. NGC PR65. Guillermo Jameson, assayer. Dies by Barre. Paris. Edge: Reeded. Flag-draped arms / Head left. KM Pn6.

Exceedingly rare type, only 2 pieces known. Missing in many famous South American auction sales such as 1899 Fonrobert/Weyl, 1903 Bergsoe/Schulman, Ulex/A. Hess Nachf., Salbach/Schulman, Jenks/Chapman, Newcomer/Morgenthau, Guttag/Kosoff, Royal Sale/Mehl, Farouk/Sotheby’s, Brand/Schulman, Parsons/Christensen, Anderson/Glendining and Loor/Christensen. We note that the other recorded example realized 37,000 Swiss Francs (hammer price) at public auction in September 2002. Lovely antique patina, mirrored fields and sharp rims.

Ex R.L. Lissner Collection.

Virtually Flawless Pattern 20 Francs
1032625 | FRANCE. 1848-A AV Essai 20 Francs. NGC PR67UCAM (Ultra Cameo). By Jean Jacques Barre. Paris. Laureate head right / Crossed branches above denomination. KM E14; Maz 1240; Gad.-1037b; VG 3016.

Extremely rare in gold. Virtually flawless gem, certainly the finest known.

Wonderfully Toned Hercules 5 Francs
1032987 | FRANCE. 1848-A AR 5 Francs. NGC MS66. Paris. Edge: Lettered. Hercules group / Denomination within wreath. KM 756.1.

Superb original gem with cartwheel luster and lovely iridescent toning.

Housed in an old NGC holder.

Incredible 1899 Essai 20 Francs
1032937 | FRANCE. 1899 AV Essai 20 Francs. PCGS SP68 Matte. Fr. 596; Gadoury 1064; Mazard 1821; Schl. 457.2.

Very rare. Flawless matte gem, an incredible piece and certainly the finest known example.

Sensational Lubeck 10 Mark
1032991 | GERMAN STATES. Lubeck. 1905-A AV 10 Mark. PCGS PR67DCAM (Deep Cameo). Berlin. Edge: ~ * ~. Double imperial eagle with divided shield on breast / Crowned imperial eagle, shield on breast. KM 214; Jaeger 228.

247 piece minted. Superb original gem, virtually flawless and one of the finest known proofs of the type.

Prussia 2 Mark with Iridescent Toning
1032865 | GERMAN STATES. Prussia. Friedrich III. 1888-A AR 2 Mark. PCGS PR66. FRIEDRICH DEUTSCHER DAISER KONIG V. PREUSSEN. Head right / DEUTSCHES REICH date, ZWEI MARK below. Crowned imperial eagle. KM 510; J 98.

Stunning Prussia 10 Mark
1032999 | GERMAN STATES. Prussia. Wilhelm II. 1902-A AV 10 Mark. PCGS PR67DCAM (Deep Cameo). Berlin. Edge: ~ * ~. WILHELM II DEUTSCHER KAISER KONIG V. PREUSSEN. Head right / DEUTSCHES REICH date, 10 MARK below. Crowned imperial eagle, type III. KM 520; Jaeger 251.

Stunning gem, one of the finest known proof examples of the type.

Spectacular Toning
1031185 | GERMAN STATES. Wurttemberg. Wilhelm II. 1914-F AR 3 Mark. PCGS MS66. Freudenstadt. Edge: GOTT MIT UNS. Head right / Crowned imperial eagle with shield on breast. KM 635; J 175.

Expressive Beethoven Portrait
1032442 | GERMANY. 1870 Brass Medal. PCGS MS64. By Brehmer. 40mm. 36.4gm. Half-length portrait to left / Lyre and sheet listing works on branches. Niggl 121.

On the 100th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth.

Popular Anti-Slavery Type
1019122 | GREAT BRITAIN. Middlesex. 18th. Century (ND) CU Political and Social Series Halfpenny Token. PCGS MS63RB (Red-Brown). Edge: PAYABLE IN DUBLIN OR LONDON + . +. AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER. A shackled slave kneeling, hands together in supplication / MAY SLAVERY & OPRESSION CEASE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD+. Hands grasping one another. D&H 1037.

Popular type.

Huge World Map Medal
1019235 | GREAT BRITAIN. Map of the World. (1820) WM Medal. NGC MS63. 74mm. Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, and oceans / North and South America and oceans. E-1139a.

Very popular type. Housed in an oversized holder.

1826 Proof Crown, Mintage of 150 Pieces
1033075 | GREAT BRITAIN. George IV. 1826 AR Crown. NGC PR63. GEORGIUS IV DEI GRATIA. Head left / BRITANNIARUM REX FID: DEF:. Helmeted arms with garland. KM 699. SEPTIMO on edge; S 3806.

Mintage of 150 pieces. Very attractive antique patina.

Beautifully Toned Gothic Crown
1033348 | GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1847 AR Gothic Crown. NGC PR63. Edge: UN DECIMO. VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITANNIAR. REG: F:D. Crowned bust left / TUEATUR UNITA DEUS, ANNO DOM MDCCCXLVII. Crowned shields of England, Scotland and Ireland in cross formation with flowers at corners. KM 744; S 3883; ESC 288; Dav 106.

Superb emerald, gold and turquoise toning. Premium quality.

Sensational Victoria Five Pounds
1032743 | GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. (Queen, 1837-1901). 1887 AV Five Pounds. PCGS MS66. VICTORIA D:G: BRITT: REG: F:D:. Bust left wearing small crown and veil / St. George slaying the dragon right. KM 769; SCBC-3864; Fr-390.

Stunning and virtually flawless prooflike gem. Gorgeous orange-gold patina.

Gem Proof Hong Kong Cent
1032853 | HONG KONG. Victoria. 1863 AE Cent. PCGS PR65RB (Red-Brown). Crowned bust left / Chinese value within beaded circle. KM 4.1. Proof; Dot on reverse.

Ex Ernst Otto Horn Coll.

Hungary 10 Ducats
1033028 | HUNGARY. (circa 1690) AV 10 Ducats. NGC MS62. By Christian Hermann Roth. Kremnitz. St. George slaying the dragon / Christ asleep on a boat with two apostles in the midst of a terrible storm. Fr 565; Huszár 42 (silver).

Superb original patina, extremely rare in this quality.

Flashy Peter the Great Medal
1032487 | RUSSIA. Peter I. 1706 WM Medal. PCGS SP63. 43mm. Half length figure of Peter I / Czar on horseback with a hand extending toward him to give him a garland for his victorious accomplishment. Diakov 24.3.

Struck to celebrate the Russian victory at the Battle of Kalisch. Superb flashy surfaces, deeply prooflike.

Housed in an oversized holder.

Superb Pattern Poltina
1032884 | RUSSIA. -1804 CU Pattern 1/2 Rouble. PCGS SP65BN (Brown). KM Pn62; Bitkin 921 (R1); Diakov 293.2 (R1).

Superb reflective gem, exceptional.

Highly Original Geneva 10 Francs
1019217 | SWISS CANTONS. Geneva. 1851 AR 10 Francs. PCGS MS63. By Bovy. · POST · TENEBRAS · LUX ·. Arms on large ornate shield / REPUBLIQUE ET CANTON DE GENEVE. Value, date within wreath. KM 138; Dav 374; Divo 279.

Lovely iridescent toning.Housed in an oversized holder.

Exceedingly Rare Nickel Pattern 2 Baht
1033251 | THAILAND. Rama V. -1868 Nickel Pattern 2 Baht. NGC PR65. White elephant within nine-bladed Chakra, encircled by sixteen stars denoting denomination / Royal seal of Rama V, a Thai coronet flanked by two umbrellas. KM Pn31; cf K&M-pl. F32.

Plain Edge and Coin Alignment. Exceedingly rare. Superb original gem.

Gold Patterns of Thailand
1033268 | THAILAND. RS127 (1908) 3 Piece Gold Pattern Set (Satang, 5 Satang, 10 Satang). NGC MS63-MS65. Fr-26e-26g; KM-Pn50-52; S-183, 189 & 190.

On 11 November 1908 the Siamese Government elected a gold standard law, establishing a new decimal system. This called for the striking of new subsidiary coinage in the denominations of Stang, 5 Satang, and 10 Satang. The set offered here contains patterns/presentation strikes of the above mentioned denominations in gold. An extremely rare set. Grades as follows: Satang MS-64; 5 Satang MS-63; 10 Satang MS-64 Superb prooflike presentation strikings, lovely orange-gold color.

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