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Bank of Thailand to Launch New 100-Baht Thai Banknote Feb. 26

By Bank of Thailand….
On Tuesday, February 24, Mr. Paiboon Kittisrikangwan, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Thailand, unveiled the new 100-baht Thai banknote (series 16) and announced that it will enter into circulation on February 26, 2015.

thai_new_100_note_aThe design glorifies King Taksin the Great for his contributions to the country. It has several new and enhanced security features to facilitate authentication by banknote sorting machine and general public, including visually impaired persons.

The color and size of this new 100-baht remains unchanged. It is red in color and 72 mm x 150 mm in size. Various security features have been incorporated into the new banknote:

  1. Watermark: HM King’s portrait watermark and the translucent watermark “๑๐๐” can be clearly observed by viewing the note against the light.
  2. Latent Image: The number “100” inside the copper-colored ornament can be seen when viewed from the correct angle.
  3. Iridescent Ink: Arabic numerals “100” and Thai patterns are printed vertically, with greenish iridescent ink.thai_new_100_note_b
  4. Hologram Foil Stripe: Reflective holographic foil on the right hand side of the note contains the Royal Emblem, with Arabic numerals “100” in the center that switch to the Thai numerals “๑๐๐” when tilted.
  5. Windowed Color-shifting Security Thread: A special security thread is partially embedded on the reverse side changes from magenta to green upon tilting. The text “100 บาท” and “100 BAHT” can be read from both sides.
  6. Tactile Marks: Seven horizon lines embossed lead to the numerals expressing the denomination’s value–three tactile marks in the shape of flowers–represent the alphabet “H”, symbolizing One Hundred (100). These enable the denomination to be identified by touch.

The new 100-baht banknote can be exchanged at every commercial bank across Thailand.

Existing and previous series of 100-baht remain legal tender.


At the time of publication, one Thai Baht (THB) trades for approximately $0.03 USD–editor, CoinWeek.

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