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CAC Coins Bring Premiums During February 2018

Here are 10 examples of CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation) approved coins that have drawn premiums recently, from among many that could be listed (prices cited include buyer’s premium):

1. In the Goldbergs sale in Los Angeles shortly before the winter Long Beach Expo, a CAC MS-65 1900 Lafayette commemorative silver dollar brought $5,581 USD. At the FUN Convention in January 2018, two other certified MS-65 1900 Lafayette dollars, without CAC stickers, were auctioned for $3,360 and $2,880, respectively.

2. The Goldbergs auctioned a CAC Proof-65 1883 half dollar for $3,819. On September 5, 2017, Bonhams auctioned a certified Proof-65 1883, without a CAC sticker, for $1,521. In June 2017, Stack’s-Bowers auctioned another non-CAC Proof-65 1883 half dollar, which realized $2,350.

3. A CAC Proof-67 1907 quarter realized $3,525 in this Goldberg’s auction. This same coin was auctioned by Stack’s-Bowers for $4,935 in March 2017. In November 2017, Stack’s-Bowers auctioned a certified Proof-67 quarter without a CAC sticker, for $2,400.

4. The Goldbergs auctioned a CAC MS-67 Vancouver 1925 commemorative half dollar for $3,055. Another major auction firm recently auctioned two other certified MS-67 Vancouver 1925 halves, both without CAC approval: one in December for $2,040 and another in November 2017 for $2,640.

5. The Goldbergs auctioned a CAC EF-45 1861-S $20 gold coin for $2,703. At the ANA Convention in August 2017, a certified EF-45 1861-S, without a CAC sticker, went for $1,762.50.

6. The Goldbergs auctioned three certified MS-64 1927-S Peace silver dollars in their February auction. One of the three had a CAC sticker and it brought $1,175. The other two went for $588 and $499, respectively.

7. Well-circulated coins with CAC stickers brought premiums, too. A CAC Very Fine-35 1895-S silver dollar was auctioned by the Goldbergs for $940. Another auction firm auctioned two non-CAC, certified VF-35 1895-S Morgans, one for $630 in September and the other for $576 in December.

8. On February 25, GreatCollections sold a CAC-approved MS-65 1901-S silver dollar for $4,708.12. The same firm sold a non-CAC certified MS-65 1901-S earlier the same month, on February 4, for $1,913.62 and another without a sticker less than two weeks later, on March 4, for $1,867.50.

9. On February 25, GreatCollections sold a CAC AU-58 1882-CC $20 gold coin for $9,562.50. During the same week, Heritage auctioned an AU-58 1882-CC, without a CAC sticker, for $7,800.

10. At the Long Beach Expo in February, Heritage auctioned a CAC approved MS-64 1875-CC half dollar for $7,440, a result that is more than twice as much as any non-CAC MS-64 1875-CC half has realized at auction since CAC was founded in 2007. Fifty “MS-64” 1875-CC halves have been certified by the leading grading services, 10 of which have been CAC approved.

CAC was founded by leading members of the numismatic community, including John Albanese, a respected authority on coin grading and the rare coin market. The CAC GREEN Label signifies that a coin has met Certified Acceptance Corporation's stringent grading standards. Coins are accepted through CAC Submission Centers. These are knowledgeable dealers who will assist you with your submission and the associated guidelines.

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